Incoherent Reader

A reader who self-identifies as “suck it” has commented on my post “Black Lives Don’t Matter Part II” with the incisive thought-provoking question “are you kidding me”.  I made a reply at the post [here], and promised a longer response, herewith:

To answer: no, I am not kidding you.  I stand behind everything I said in the post.  Read it again and see if you can compose a comprehensible question that we can discuss like adults.  Maybe/maybe not.

You are being kidded, but not by me.  So who is kidding you?

President Obama is kidding you; he has made nothing better for blacks in his eight years in office. Just dismissive political rhetoric.  More blacks have less  job opportunity than when he took office.  As he encourages states to mandate a higher minimum wage, you are charmed.  But have you noticed that fewer of you are working?  Need proof?  Go to McDonalds and buy yourself a Big Mac from the self-serve ordering kiosk that is already replacing you.

OK, so the machines cost $50K, but there are upsides.  The machine is purchased only once; unlike the recurring expense for human workers who don’t turn up for their shift, who steal from the till, who insult customers in the drive thru, who spit in food ordered by Law Enforcement Officers.  The machine pays for itself in much less than a year from salary savings when two staff are let go.  Bonus?  The owner has a lot less labor headache.

The mayor of Chicago is kidding you.  This year-to-date 3,140 Chicago citizens have been shot. 78% black, 487 deaths.  Someone is shot in Chicago every 2 hours and someone else is killed every 12 hours. [Hey Jackass has the statistics].

Given the present trend of black-on-black killings and the black abortion rate at 67%, I expect that there will always be Chicago blacks, but there won’t be too many more of you than there are right now.

You will remain stuck at 13% of the population, while the responsible, hard-working Hispanics are leaving you in the dust.

And as I was shocked to learn in the 1990s, you hate them, too.

Pro Tip: you might want to avoid disrespectin’ the Hispanics aggressively, like you do whitey.  That won’t go well for you.

The President and the Mayors of Baltimore, Detroit, Ferguson, Milwaukee, St. Louis,  Memphis, Cleveland, Atlanta and Long Beach  have spent their time in office inflaming your sense of victim-hood and they have done a fine job.  You have become and remain convinced that you cannot do anything to help yourself except impregnate unwed women and deal drugs on street corners.  Anything you want that is not handed to you by the Government is a clear sign of racism and it shows “the man is keeping you down”.

Martin Luther King Jr. is turning over in his grave so fast, his remains are miles away from where he was buried.

And you will never be happy no matter what happens.




13876707_1315618625122663_554384028445530640_n13775765_10154844298806729_6892471519442699797_nA more publicly venal, dangerous and evil misfit for the Presidency has not been this close.  When she ran against HRH Barack bin Hussain al-Obama II, I was very relieved that she lost.  Now she is back with a big grudge to settle.   Does anyone think that she has mellowed in the past eight years?

Vote like your country depends on it.

Because it does.

Lying About Dying

quote-lie-questionable-truthA vision of the near future…

Hillary at a news presser being propped up by her handlers.  She gestures like Kermit the frog.  Her lips are grey and pulled tight in a frozen grin.  Her head is wedged upright with pillows.  Large blue glasses hide her eyes.  She seems to speak but her mouth does not move.

She insists that she is not dead and that the Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorables are all lying about her health.  She WILL be elected President in a landslide.  Or else, America will be sorry.

She takes no questions and her handlers roll her out into the back doors of the motorcade van on a refrigerator hand truck, strapped down tight.

Tim Kaine continues to be astonished by her stamina.

Thus does the Uniparty© offer a candidate.


STOP THE PRESSES!   NY Daily News article today:

Clinton’s cover story for her pneumonia diagnosis further proves her first instinct is to lie

I call BS on Hillary “feeling faint” from dehydration and then strolling out of Chelsea’s apartment building shortly thereafter, swollen like the StayPuft Man, but “feeling great”.


Several years ago I became dehydrated due to a bleeding ulcer.  I kept waiting, thinking I would get better,  but I didn’t.  Typical dumbass guy  decision.

Landed in the hospital on 24 hour intravenous drip; after 3 days, I began to make urine again.  Doc said that you cannot drink enough water to correct dehydration.

This whole story is another transparent Hillary lie.  It shows again her tendency to lie as the first response to any situation. Not only Hillary but her entire campaign is infected.  I proved all this over a year ago in a post of June 22, 2015 “The Incompetent Liar“.

What could we expect from a Hillary presidency?

♦ She will never tell the truth about anything.

♦ She will spend her time selling influence and gathering money for the Clinton Family Crime Foundation.

♦ She will sell out what remains of the honor of America to the highest bidder.

♦ She will continue corrupting the government until it is rotted completely.

Progressives, have you become so jaded and numbed and greedy for power that you can stand by and encourage this criminal to destroy America?

Do you kid yourself that her lies will only affect your political opponents?  That she is looking out for your interests?

Hillary is only looking out for herself.  Both you and I will be damned whenever it suits her needs; she doesn’t give a crap about your politics.  You are just like me. You are only involved in her plans in order to be used.

Foolish Americans.

Update to Thought Experiment

One of my readers has suggested that I have crossed over into lunacy with this post and that I need to get a grip on reality.  Maybe so, but I’m not so sure.

Reread the post and watch the videos below. As Hillary steps forward, her body stiffens, she lurches sideways and partially loses control of her legs. Her minders shove her toward the van, her foot collapses and she loses her shoe.  She then partially falls and her minders are forced to catch her arms to keep her from taking a face-plant.  They shove her into the van and load her like a sack of potatoes.  She is out cold.

Hillary is not fit to lead this Nation physically or morally.

There’s much more going on here than just her naked ambition keeping her on the campaign trail.  The doctor is very persuasive about Parkinson’s disease but could be she caught some degenerative disease from Bill.

Maybe she’s just a tool for her donors and the Uniparty©, who desperately need her to keep running until she can be sworn in as President.  After that, they won’t care what happens to her.  They are as ruthless as she is.

Tim Kaine could then assume the Presidency as Hillary withdraws for health reasons.

It’s a plan.