Ugly Faces

If you are sick to death of seeing this face in the news:

cvnzr8gvuaafzy5just think how sick you will be after seeing this one for the next four years






timkainedemocraticsenatecandidatetimxnpvfaaie1elafter Hillary “goes on medical leave” a few months after Inauguration Day…

Remember, this election is for all the marbles.

2 Weeks To Go

This election is not just for the money… it’s for all the marbles.

Total control.

hillary-debate-10-20-16woodstermancrimeSo what happens to our right of self-defense under the Second Amendment with a new Supreme Court majority?

Prepare accordingly.

amazing-inspirational-quote-by-voltaireThe “free press” chooses not to report any criticism of Hillary.  What does that tell you about which team they are on?

cool-sponsor-drivers-congress-jacketsWe don’t know who bought them, but we know that they are bought.

cufgxgsuiaaffifIt’s nice to be Queen.

black-voteShameless pandering.

14359235_1057080847746533_5228909856701030844_n-bluesShameless cheating.

2016-10-22Shameless “inevitability”.

14355043_632163460279861_5787091267771860141_nShameless murder.

hillary-for-prisonAnd a final thought for Hillary and Emir Barack bin Hussain al-Obama III


Leave It To Beaver

Insists he is not a weasel.  We expected this

fbi-weaselBeaver: “Hey Richie! What´s yer dad do?”
Richie: “He´s works for the FBI Beave.”
Beaver: “Honest?”
Richie: “Naaww, just the regular kind”

Annnnd he’s a live weasel, not a dead Arkancide suicide.  He lives to lie another day.

Sad testimonial of what America has come to when even the Director of the FBI is worried that he can’t prevent his own political assassination.

Hypothetical: now that Comey has befouled the reputation of the FBI, could he count on the remaining honest agents to prevent his impending murder?  Or maybe they would just get the blue flu that day?


Charlton Heston said it best.

Never forget. Never forgive…  Why? because the forces of totalitarianism will neither forgive nor forget.  Nor give up. The Uniparty© is only interested in voters at election time;  never any other time.  At all other times, you are just a tool, not a citizen.

Obama has made promises about other things important to Americans. “If you like your doctor,  you can keep your doctor.”

How have Obama’s promises worked out?

Here’s the news flash: any freedom permitted to be annulled or outlawed will never be in force again.  One is all the chances we will get.

The only thing that can be trusted is that both will tell any lie to retain power and that they feel guns in private hands must be removed, forcibly if necessary.

Electing Trump is important, but it is up to us to preserve our own freedom.

Do not fail yourself and your children by letting this slip away.



Here is the new Trump video that Hillary et. al. has blocked from YouTube.  And it isn’t just YouTube; GOOGLE can’t  find it either(!)

Censorship, blatant and out in the open.  Just like the IRS suppressing the Tea Party PACs.  See a familiar pattern?

The Uniparty© is so desperate that they don’t even try to hide what they are doing.  They know that if they miss the brass ring this time and lose this election, there is no way that this won’t come back to bite them.

Trump will assure that.

Vote like your future depends on it.  Because it does.