What Now Gentlemen, Part II

There have been interesting developments lately…

Shortly after the President announced his Executive Amnesty Memo (not an Executive Order after all) some bureaucrat announced that due to the enacted funding method (fees, not appropriations) the amnesty can’t be defunded even though Congress originally wrote the law.

If true, this is the Congressional equivalent of God creating a rock so large that He couldn’t lift it.

If true, this could save you gentlemen in the leadership from having to do anything to thwart Mr. Obama and would permit you to sorrowfully announce that your hands are tied by the President’s lawlessness.

You could then return to the Capitol Bar and enjoy a drink, your reputation confirmed.  Not a smidgen of having failed to do your job. After all, you couldn’t do anything to block amnesty. It was impossible.  Oh, that rogue Obama.

The House Appropriations Committee RINOS immediately wail that all is lost and that Obama can order anything and fund anything and there is nothing the Congress can do to prevent him from doing anything he chooses to do.

The Imperial Presidency is thus decreed.

If that is Congress’ opinion 24 days after receiving an overwhelming mandate to govern, it is one of the early warning signs that the GOP is a spent political force. And if you accept Obama’s usurpation, you should not count on the support of Conservative Americans.  You may need to brush up on your Spanish for future concession speeches, though.

But today, we hear from the Brits (via the MailOnline paper) some facts that US newspapers have found too inconsequential to mention.  Since you were out of town for Thanksgiving and may not have heard, the Congressional Research Service has affirmed that you CAN defund any activity of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (or any other agency for any reason you choose).  No matter how it is funded.  

Quelle surprise.

Congressman Boehner, you are the Speaker of the House with 24 years of experience and a solid majority.  You have said that you have been working toward the position of Speaker for your entire career. Now you have it.  Are you so afraid that Obama somehow might take away your sinecure that you are paralyzed and will take no action for fear that he will publicly strip you of your power?  If so, in your fear, you have already given up your power.

Are you afraid that if amnesty is blocked, Hispanic voters and “Dreamers” will hate you and work to defeat you?  Here’s the news flash: American Hispanic citizens do not want to see their jobs go to low-wage unskilled illegal immigrants. They will be pleased if you compel these illegal immigrants to follow the legal naturalization process.  The Dreamers already hate you… no change there and they cannot (legally) vote you out of office.

Obama is not the only one with a bully pulpit.  Put your staff to work preparing hard-hitting legislation, pass it and then override Obama’s veto. You and Senator McConnell go before the microphones every day and push back on Obama. Hard.  If you are willing to fight you can defund amnesty and dare Obama to respond.

If you are not willing to fight, end the charade and just lie down.  As you have repeatedly shown, shutting up remains optional.

What’s the Difference?

Islam is the religion of Peace©.  Everybody says so. Murder, suicide bombing, beheading, lashing, stoning and rape of women, committed by Jihadis are the acts of a tiny minority. These acts and these people do not represent either the majority of Muslims or the beliefs of the majority of Muslims. The majority of Muslims just want to live a quiet peaceable life.

Sure, the Qur’anic verses encourage lying to infidels (taqiyyah) and commands forcible conversion, subjugation or death of all members of any other faith by the sword if necessary.  These verses are in the Book, but that is just history.  Nothing to do with today. You are a racist if you don’t accept that.

Ferguson protesters are peaceable.  Everybody says so. They were pushed over the edge by the Grand Jury that no-billed a cop.  Shootings, looting, vandalism and arson were not committed by the peaceable protestors but by a very few Thugs.  These acts and these Thugs do not represent the beliefs of the majority of Ferguson residents or the peaceable protestors. The majority of Ferguson residents just want to lead a quiet peaceable life.

Sure, these residents won’t snitch, won’t help the police apprehend a murderer, won’t report an unemployed baby daddy who suddenly has a new 65” TV, 15 cartons of Newport 100’s and 10 pairs of $250 Nikes (assorted sizes).  That’s just the way it rolls in the hood.  It’s our culture, and you wouldn’t understand it.  You are a racist if you don’t accept that.

Consider: two explanations of the behaviors of these two different peaceable majorities.

The most generous viewpoint is that the good people in both groups are so terrorized by the bad guys that they are paralyzed with fear.  Any effort to stand up to the bad guys results in more murder of peaceable people. Better to see nothing, say nothing, keep your head down and live quietly in hope that the bad guys won’t notice you.

The less generous viewpoint is that the Thugs and Jihadis are quietly admired, supported and defended by the silence of the good people. If the good people had the courage, they might be tempted to do these acts themselves.  Not necessary though; the bad guys are raging in the streets so good people need not.

The truth is likely somewhere between these extremes.

 It is a shame when a Jihadi suicide bomber blows up a marketplace or a school, but the fact that the marketplace catered to a different Islamic sect or that the school admitted girls is cause enough for the destruction. It is the result of Allah working his will (Insh’Allah).  Allah is an unfathomable mystery.

It is a shame when minority businesses are looted and torched, but the fact that these dared to resist aggravated robbery, assault and mob theft showed they were really just token whites dissin’ the Thugs. It showed that the owners were not minority enough for the hood; they brought it all upon themselves. Thugs demand social justice and will continue until only ashes are left.  Social justice is an unfathomable mystery.

So I ask… what is the difference between the Muslims and the residents of Ferguson?  Not much.



Rules Of Engagement

What a strange effect the concept of “civilized warfare” has had on our Nation.

We have constrained ourselves by layering on the mantle of greater and greater “civility” such that we no longer permit ourselves (or our troops) to respond when we are attacked. Our troops are unarmed; carry unloaded guns, until they face enemy forces. And until the troops are sure that they face an enemy and not merely armed “innocent” locals, they may not fire unless fired-upon.  Without the approval of a lawyer inside the Beltway (or inside the Secretary of State’s office) no response can be made to naked aggression.

Ducking is the best defense now.

Where ROE has led us: in 2009, a lone Muslim slaughtered a roomful of unarmed US soldiers on a US military base, on US soil, deemed an act of “workplace violence” by the President of the United States. These murderous acts were seen by reliable witnesses; the acts are not in question. The shooter continued firing until he was shot and disabled.

ROE requires that once disabled, the Muslim can live in peace, with religious rights carefully guarded while his victims lie dead.  He has been Mirandized, so none of his statements (“Allahu Akbar” shouted while shooting), none of his writings (“Soldier of God” business card) are to be considered in weighing guilt or innocence.  Now the court is determining if murder should be excused by the Muslim’s mental state.  Stay tuned.

Prediction? He will skate, with lifetime medical care, halal food, and his cell cannot be searched for contraband except by an Imam. Do I exaggerate?

We set these rules of engagement on ourselves because we wish to avoid the liberal-induced guilt of “overkill” during the conduct of war. What a bizarre concept.

Now comes an opposing force of domestic Thugs that threatens repeated looting, pillage, wanton destruction of property, and forcible denial of basic citizen rights; all this with or without provocation. Provocation is immaterial here; these are promises of crime to be committed.

This Thug force proposed to dictate “19 Rules of Engagement” to limit the police response when the Thugs are mobilized.  Ferguson, Missouri political and police “leaders” now appear to have agreed to 10 of the Thugs’ ROE terms.

What is not yet agreed? “coalition’s [Thug’s] request that police be dressed in minimal gear and that tear gas, tactical vehicles and rubber bullets not be used.”  So to meet these ROE, police will face murderous Thug gangs while wearing only the dress uniform, carrying their service sidearm, pepper spray and a Taser.  How will that work out against Molotov cocktails, mob looting and the mindless violence of savages?

Nothing complicated here.  Freedom of assembly does not confer a “right to riot”. These are simple extortion threats. We used to know how to respond to these threats.

Are we now much too civilized to respond to extortion except by capitulation?

Patriots, consider the proper response of a civilized Republic to these threats.

Boehner’s Reply

Speaker Boehner

Thanks for your reply.

I have some concerns about the content of your reply that seems to imply that you will not pursue my expressed concerns with any great vigor. If I have mis-read that, I apologize, but as Obama said, “Words have meanings” and yours seem to be very mild and reluctant words, especially for a politician who has just been given all the cards he said he needed.

Let me be more specific by quoting your words and giving my counterpoint:

** “Focus on jobs and the economy” sounds suspiciously like Obama saying that he will “pivot” to the economy in one of his periodic meaningless orations.
You cannot create jobs through any action that you can take. It is outside your power. You can encourage the private sector to create jobs by reducing burdensome regulations and taxes and by tearing the claws of the EPA out of the backs of small businesses, by destroying the ability of the IRS to punish honest people for pursuing their God-given rights, by halting the lawless depredations of the criminals at the DOJ and by halting the thousand more insults to Americans done by faceless and unelected bureaucrats. You can stop those things and more by defunding them. Will you do that?

** “We’ll work to approve the Keystone XL pipeline”.
Work to approve? You have all the marbles! Conservatives gave them to you. Approve the pipeline and get ready to override Obama’s veto. You have the votes! If you abandon the effort on the second day of your victory you will confirm that you do not have the fighting spirit that a real leader needs.

** “And we’ll take on ObamaCare”. Take on? We are not paying you to “take on” Obamacare. Repeal Obamacare or face the consequences from the American people. You have that in your power as well.

You sound remarkably like Ms. Clinton. Everything she says and does is “for the children” no matter how overtly devious and self-serving she acts. Sounding like Ms. Clinton is not your intent is it? Surely with your vast staff and broad new powers you can come up with some more fresh language than those hackneyed and worn-out phrases.

I have forwarded this to most of my address book, as I did the last letter I sent to you. I received support from my correspondents, so this is not just me ranting. You would be foolish to think so. If you cannot or will not make these changes happen with all the tools we have given you, you may want to plan for your next career starting now, because you will not have the office you now hold the next time that you run.

On Lying

Everyone lies.  For all kinds of reasons, good and bad. Little white lies and big black lies.  It’s a necessary condition of living among other people. No lying? Total brutal honesty all the time? Keep that up and somebody will kill you in your sleep. Lying is thus an element of self-preservation.  Hardly a deep insight, so why do I lead off with it?

I have grown irritated with lazy lying. All politicians lie; we know that.  If not, none would ever get elected. But time was that politicians respected the citizens just enough to carefully craft a plausible lie, one that just could be true.  Told with a straight face, there was always the possibility that it was just a different viewpoint and not a lie.  Told an undetected lie?  Possibly no harm no foul.

But something happened to make undetected lying much more difficult; everyone is on tape or camera almost all the time now. The good political liars still take care to attend to their craft and we suspend disbelief and focus on what they are doing rather than what they are saying.  Truly at our peril, but that is the old game.

Now the lazy liars have shamelessly emerged; those who take no pains to craft the good lie.  These are the ones “named for public figures” who became famous only after the liar was born. Those who remember important events that occurred before they were born.  Those who dodged sniper bullets upon a VIP arrival at an Eastern-European airport. Those with “high cheekbones” who insist that they are of Cherokee lineage. These insult us with blatant lies and dare us to challenge the lie.  And we civilized citizens have just been shrugging and going about our lives.

It has been a gradual process; first a little stinker excused by claiming “misspeaking” and moving on shamelessly.  Then there is the lie of carefully parsing what “is is”. Then comes the denial of one’s words even when confronted by the video, claiming “taken out of context” or “selective editing”.  Each of these is just a little step more brazen and if not vigorously refuted becomes a license to test how much more lying the listener will tolerate.

We now observe a new higher art of lying where the arrogant do not parse or conceal their words or intentions.  They are eager to play the “catch me if you can” game sure that they will be excused, demanding to know “what difference does it make now”?

Lies are pure vandalism to the Republic; a thug gang that smashes windows, laughing hysterically and then posts videos to YouTube, daring a response from citizens.

Submitted for your consideration: Jonathan Gruber.  MIT PhD economist, who is much smarter than anyone you know. Mr. Gruber deeply regrets that he has found it necessary to lie about Obamacare three (at least) times, on video.  For your own good.  God knows what stupid decisions the whole tribe of ignorant vile Americans would make if they were not being lied-to by the superior ones.

So I ask:  have you had enough?  If so, what are you going to do about it?


An experience of sudden and striking realization; a profound insight that is so compelling that all other perspectives become completely unimaginable.

Obama seems just a hapless Narcissist fumbler, time and again promoted way above his pay grade, voting present and deferring decisions until Fate forces the outcome.  It has been easy to conclude that he is just along for the ride.

Fabled date nights, more golf outings than Tiger Woods, long vacays at Martha’s Vineyard: the smartest man in the room seems focused on getting all the fun mileage out of the presidency that he can; a fratboy featherweight poser in a big-boy job.  He has beclowned himself every time he draws a red line, whenever he challenges a rival not “to call my bluff”, when he put his feet upon the Resolute desk in the Oval office, when he warns the nation not to get all “wee-weed” up, when he shows the finger to a serious question.  “I won” he reminds.

Surrounding himself with brilliant people, Obama always knows more about speechwriting and policy and everything else than any of his team.

He picked Biden, the perfect foil and the best insurance against impeachment.  Hillary the Inevitable, who “reset” the Russians.  Kerry, the consummate bloviator/pontificator, who by the way served in Vietnam. The staff of thousands of (much) lesser lights, all validated Obama as the jester.

And we knew that we couldn’t believe he was serious. He even said that he couldn’t believe his own hype. He really was a blowhard poser.  We just knew that.

Now comes Jonathan Gruber, the gift that keeps on giving (five times so far).  The arrogant nerd who cannot shut up. (Look for him appearing in Ft. Marcy Park soon).  Completely full of himself, Jonathan Gruber brags proudly how he met with Senator Obama in 2006, and again with President Obama in 2009, in the Oval Office, to debate, design and explain how the ObamaCare insurance fraud could work.

Gruber’s insight for Obama: “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”

Obama KNEW. Twelve years ago.

He fully anticipated every hobnailed boot heel that ObamaCare would smash onto America’s face. He stands revealed as a heartless and soulless Machiavellian strategist who disguised himself in fool’s garb, pretending to be a harmless clown while in full control of his strategy.

Epiphany: the scales fall from our eyes and we now see everything. So, America, are we still stuck on stupid?

What Now Gentlemen?

Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner,

With my support and that of millions of other conservatives, at last you now lead the Senate and the House.  What will you do now?  Will you work to repeal Obamacare or will you compromise with Obama so that the maximum deductible is only $6,000 rather than $12,000?

Will you halt Obama’s amnesty cold or will you tolerate only a compassionate a trickle rather than a flood of Illegals?

Will you vigorously support prosecution for IRS criminals, for DOJ criminals, for EPA over-reaching (and more) or will you tell me how little I understand about how hard it is to get things done in Congress?

You choose.  I and others have given you what you said that you needed and now you will be carefully tested to see if you really want to lead or just occupy a throne.

Gruber, Gruber, Gruber

Where do I start? Contemporaneous videos of you and accounts of your statements show that you are an elitist liberal progressive who clearly believes that the people of the United States cannot reason and must be coerced with your lies into making decisions that you know are “right” even when the you know that the methods you espouse are wrong. That you must conceal the facts through tortured language to work your Machiavellian schemes with the collusion of the Democrat party, they long of the same degenerate moral nature as you.

The end justifies the means? You are a scurrilous cowardly cur for your attempt to walk back from your smug and supercilious denigration of your fellow citizens. You have been revealed by your arrogant attitude and curled lip for the scum that you are. Your fellow running-dog co-conspirators are no better for having abetted your crime. I include such diseased luminaries as Ms. Pelosi (“you’ll have to vote for it to see what is in it”), the dastardly Harry Reid who drove this through Congress with NO Republican input permitted, the criminal President with the unendingly-repeated promises (lies) that “you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor, premiums will fall, etc”.  All of you knew all along that every thing you said was lies.

None of you have any moral basis to defend yourselves, and yet lack the grace to admit that you regret anything of what you have done. What you regret is that you have been found out. You seem to have forgotten (as the Clintons repeatedly do) that in this age, there are no secret admissions to your fellow criminals; all will come out. Black-hearted scoundrels that you are have only your superior “intellect” to guide your hands. At least the Soviets admitted that eggs must be broken to make omelets; yet you continue to insist that you are innocent but still “know better” than your fellow citizens.

Now your role is being downplayed by your fellow feral mangy dog defenders, claiming that you were merely an advisor, belying your own claim that you were the architect of Obamacare. Lies compounding lies. Soon the true-believer rats will begin to desert you, to deny you and vow that they had no idea what you were doing as they scramble to conceal their dismay that their fellow citizens have caught onto the lies. They will unsheathe their dull knives (lies) to slowly cut you a thousand times, and you will pray that the they will stop denying you before they are finished slashing your black heart.

I know that none of this makes any difference to you because you are clearly a psychopath who sees his fellow citizens as dupes to be manipulated in achieving his greater ambition. For your crimes, for your lies, for your amoral worldview, for your dismissal of the bedrock principles that have made this Nation great, I curse you and fervently hope that your perfidy visits torment upon you unendingly, as though you are pursued by demons from your tortured and vile soul. No rest for you, no job, no tenure, no future, no rest. May your rotted syphilitic hulk of a heart stain you and cling to you like a festering cadaver smothering your face so that you must always smell the overpowering stench of death with every breath.