Modern Midas: A Cautionary Tale

King Midas prayed for a talent that would give him unlimited wealth. When his prayer was answered, everything he touched was instantly turned into gold. He eventually starved because he couldn’t eat anything.

So it is with the talent of Obama; everything he touches becomes corrupt. The corruption is not limited to immoral or amoral behavior or criminal dealings that can be corrected with prosecution. The corruption has penetrated the framework of institutions, like a disease of the bones. Corruption this deep may not be treatable with pharmaceuticals. Perhaps as with gas gangrene, amputation or excision of the diseased tissue may be the only treatment that has a chance of saving the patient.

This situation seems to please Obama and the Progressives very much.

Americans have learned many new things during Obama’s terms as president. We have learned that the President is not bound by anything he says, anything he promises, by the Constitution of these United States, by laws passed by the Congress or by any action of the Judiciary or the electorate.

We have seen him corrupt NASA (new marching orders: make Muslims proud of their scientific contributions). Corrupted the banking system to reward his cronies. Let the Veterans Administration fester while heroes and patriots suffer. Deeply damaged the State Department with two feckless and useless Secretaries of State. Destroyed the healthcare system then attempted to deny the damage with an outrageous series of bald-faced lies.

He has corrupted the Secret Service such that it may not be able to protect him. Ironic, that.

He has caused the US Military to shed experienced warfighters from Sergeants to Generals at an unprecedented rate. He has undermined the formerly peaceable relationship of the races, vastly increased the size of the dependency state, damaged traditional marriage and discouraged live birth of minority babies. Coddled enemies that wish to destroy us, flooded the nation with illegal immigrants. Spent tax money as though it was infinite.

He has debased the Department of Justice with gunrunning and voter intimidation, with suspension of immigration laws, with stonewalling of the Congress, damaged the local police with claims of racial bias and crippled the Border Patrol. He has corrupted the Internal Revenue Service to damage political enemies. Encouraged the EPA to destroy the coal power industry and hampered development of domestic oil production. The FBI is losing the trust of the citizens because it is becoming the gang that couldn’t get it right. Sony hacking anyone?

All this to the ringing cheers of the Progressives. After all, those who cling to their guns and Bibles had this coming, and Barack is just the man for the job. Didn’t he promise a transformation?

We now approach a crossing point. If the next President is a Progressive, these policies will continue and increase to the limit of the Nation to fund the excesses. Even now it is arguable whether we can ever repay our debts.

Progressives rejoice; this is Utopia rising. We just print more money and issue new executive orders to control the lives of the stupid and ignorant Americans. Progressives will rule.

But what alternative futures might lie beyond the crossing point?

Perhaps a sound defeat for the Progressive madness we have seen for 6 years, with a slow return to fiscal sanity within a decade. Much tribulation during that time: currency devaluation, increased unemployment, loss of savings, a years-long recession that affects all Americans.

Is that the worst-possible outcome for Progressives? Not by a long shot. As Machiavelli observed “Revenge is a dish served ice cold.”

What happens if the conservatives (not the Republicans) gain and keep control of the government for a decade, determined to undo the madness and to punish those who drove the corruption. After all, the President has no real need for Congress and can rule by fiat; this has already been demonstrated.

Here are a few possibilities:

• Secure borders with fences and widespread deportations of illegal aliens.
• Capital punishment without a 20-year legal tussle.
• Investigation, prosecution and Federal imprisonment of government criminals including politicians.
• Flat tax and decimation of the IRS.
• Dismantling the EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy and the myriad other intrusive rule making bodies.

You can add many more with just a little thought.

How would this new conservative government respond to the wails of the wounded Progressives?

By ignoring them. Just as Obama ignores the conservatives today.

This could also create the worst possible outcome for the Nation. “While seeking revenge, dig two graves – one for yourself” (Douglas Horton).

Moral: Progressives and conservatives, consider Midas’ fate. Be careful what you wish for.


On the national political stage, we have just witnessed an epic contest.

The Democrats always seek power voraciously, taking every opportunity to gain, encouraging every sleight-of-hand and devious mechanism to enlarge their span of control and to deepen its effect on the everyday lives of Americans. This they have consistently done.

The Republicans campaign vigorously to confront the Democrats, to assert their world view, promising to overturn the myriad misbegotten decisions inflicted during years of being out of power, with promises to the electorate of returning to first principles of Government if elected. This they have done consistently also.

As in Nature, the contest generally goes to the fiercest predator (the Democrats). The Republicans then retire to the shadows, feeling lucky to be alive, licking their wounds, thankful for the stale crust of moldy bread that the Dems will toss down and promising the electorate “next time, next time for sure”.

But something happened, something so unlikely, so strange, that neither party was prepared to deal with either the outcome or the opportunity.  The electorate pushed the Republicans over the top and they WON. Against all odds, against all expectations of either party.

After momentary indecision, the Democrats knew just what to do. They immediately began the drumbeat that the Republicans had to show bipartisanship, made them pledge not to defund anything, not to shut down the government, made them pledge to fund all of the new programs that were being planned before the election.  All this on the promise that whatever misfortune occurred, the Republicans would always be blamed.

In the confusion  of unforeseen opportunity and having no strategy for victory, the Republicans now are forced to flee from assuming power after a victory has been thrust into their hands. It emerges that the only Republican planning for post-election was the list of things that would “not be on the table” as bargaining chips.  Even the discussion of confronting Obama was reportedly pushed off the table during closed-door Republican strategy meetings.

It has become clear that the Republicans have long since lost the courage and the will to lead this Nation.

Leading is dangerous.  Powerful people might not like us anymore. Our decisions might come back to haunt us whether we are right or not. We may have made deals that we do not want revealed. Worse, we would be exposed to the thousand snarky Tweets of liberal activists who live in their Mom’s basement. We have no defense against snark, because we have no will or ability to counter criticism of ourselves or our policies.  All too risky.

Better to be the perpetual also-ran who cannot be blamed for losing.  It is safer than taking a risk. This course preserves the comfort and prestige to which we have become addicted.

Symbiosis? It is the interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association. It exists in two forms.  One is to the advantage of both organisms.  The other is a relationship where a parasite drains the life energy of the host.  This a delicate balancing act. If the parasite becomes too demanding, the host could die and thus does the parasite. Insufficiently demanding and the host may discover that life without the parasite is possible; even desirable.

So the host (Republicans) provides the energy and sustenance and the parasite (Democrats) lives at the expense of the host.  The Democrats keep the host just comfortable enough to survive, but always living in fear if the parasite should assert itself and kill the host.

The Republicans really do have a strategy whether they can articulate it or not.  It is to keep the Democrats in power by slim margins and to cede power whenever necessary so that the Democrats will play nice.

This is what we Conservatives won on November 4. We foresaw the outcome and yet got snookered anyway. Are you happy with the result?  I’m not. Now to plan to replace the current leadership.  Are you with me?