The Delusions of Joseph Biden

How hard could it be?

I mean the Presidency of the United States.

Biden (and others) have watched HRH Hussain al-Obama sleepwalk through the presidency for 6+ years. There have been many first-hand teachable moments for Presidents-to-be.

Among them:

You can go play any time you like no matter what is happening in the world.

You can insult, dismiss and backstab America’s allies with impunity.

You can “shoot the bird” hand gesture to anyone who criticizes you.

You can cozy up to America’s sworn enemies without risk to yourself.

You can ignore any event without any backtalk from the presstitutes who will prostrate themselves and kiss your ring (and elsewhere) just to have access to the pearls that fall from your lips.

You can insert yourself into any situation without concern for any outcome; your narcissism can spin every outcome to be favorable.

You can pardon criminals at home and abroad, and repeatedly release illegal immigrants until they kill an American, all without any blowback.

You can say what the law is (or is not) and enforce your fiats using the full power of the Federal government with no pushback from Congress or the judiciary.

You can lie and deny so that your promises simply fade away and never need be fulfilled.

You can surrender to America’s enemies in full view of the world, bow to dictators and tyrants and create havoc in the Middle East without consequence to yourself.

You can upend the most effective medical care system in the history of the world and declare the new system a total runaway success and no one dare suggest otherwise. Such an unwarranted criticism would be radical and potentially criminal.

You can spend all the money in the Treasury, borrow and spend all the money your grandchildren will ever have without regard for the future.

Your wife can dictate what school children must eat, can forbid mom packing a lunch for her child and can mandate that mom lunches be thrown away if mom pushes the issue too hard.

Your wife can also demand that schools feed lunch (and breakfast in many school districts) to all the kids in the school regardless of need, including those who brought their lunch or ate breakfast at home.

Your children can eat the gourmet meals offered by the Sidwell Friends School, even though the menu is much too nice for regular schoolkids.

You and your wife can take separate vacations, each departing on different 747s within hours of the other, taking all the rooms in 5-star hotels for an entourage of hundreds of staffers while paralyzing destinations with security vehicles and roadblocks all the while freezing air traffic before, during and after your visit.

You can do all this and much more with no concern for resistance now or retribution after you are out of office.

What’s not to like? Salivating presidential aspirants foresee nothing more complicated than taking the Oath of Office and continuing to do whatever they like, with the full power of the Federal Government on-call.

Biden’s delusion is that he (or anyone else) can just take over the White House and continue to act like Obama.

Well, a little problem seems to be emerging. As the progs moved steadily left and applauded every Obama finger in the eye of the electorate, a funny thing happened.

Remember Herbert Stein’s Law of the obvious: “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

Local and state elections turned conservative (NOT Republican) everywhere except the largest cities. Mayors, District Attorneys, Judges, state Attorneys-General, State legislatures and State Governorships have been increasingly red during the past 6+ years. (31 R vs. 18 D Governors).

School lunch programs have begun to reject federally-mandated lunch menus.

Crony capitalism, rewarding non-producers and many other corruptions of the Republic order appear to be reaching a tipping point.

What is the principal message to be gleaned from all this? The current trend will not go on forever. There are mighty pressures building in these United States against the usurpations of the progs. In the (apocryphal) words of Isoroku Yamamoto, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Patriots, keep up the pressure and do not lose faith. An awakening is on the way and overdue.

Pop some popcorn and get a comfortable chair; the next couple of years will be interesting.