1) the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

2) the claim that different life outcomes always arise from discrimination and not from the behavior of a racial group.


Recent news is filled with attack stories. The Least Significant Mewdia© universally separates the stories into two categories:

First category: Unpredictable, unexplained and unexplainable (but completely justifiable vigorous and brutal attacks) carried out by formerly peaceable-but-disgruntled “Social Justice Warriors” [Urban Dictionary] who finally snapped after a lifetime of feeling bitter disrespect for their legitimate complaints and suppression of their rights of free expression.

Most SJWs are black “teens” although some are white adults (Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King) that are pretending to be black so as to take advantage of the special precious snowflake status awarded to blacks. SJWs purportedly are dedicated to redressing the grievances of former slaves through looting stores, assaulting YT, barricading streets, assaulting cops, EMTs and fire fighters. Grievances can only be assuaged by burning all the buildings, cop cars, public and private property wherever SJTs choose to “protest”. There is no legal definition for “looting”. (see Reparations)

Second Category: Completely predictable, racially motivated crimes by cops and “the white privileged” against innocent “teens” who were just getting their lives together while vigorously pursuing a career in highly-competitive urban pharmaceutical retailing and turf defense using firearms.

The first category has no defining features except race and anger and thus members of this group are not responsible for any action they are forced to take since by any fair definition a black person cannot be racist.

All members of this group are “lone wolves” who suddenly realized that their only possible way to respond to the racial slights and discrimination that has been piled upon them is to attack and kill as many racist oppressors as possible, preferably by shooting the oppressor in the back of the head while the racist is pumping gas; taking the car is optional. All people in this category are just responding to the general oppressiveness of society and do not represent any gang-type activity.

When apprehended, SJWs demand to be handled gently by police (AKA “the pigs”). This means no pat-downs, no force, no Tasers and being treated with complete deferential respect. Any guns, knives or drugs found in possession must be returned with apology for the inconvenience.

SJWs use the courts or their court-appointed attorneys to cry out about the injustice of not being provided midnight bakkaball and walkin-around money so that assault and strong-arm robbery will be less necessary; remaining optional for satisfying the need to “beat YT’s ass” while polar bear hunting.

The second category has many defining attributes: among these are:

= YT always discriminates by having insufficient melanin leading to a disgusting pasty appearance that is common to all YTs.

= YT always discriminates by hiring insufficient black cops. “Teen” applicants to the police academy are being discriminated-against because YT has decided that a convicted “felon” makes an untrustworthy cop.

= YT always discriminates by working all the jobs that should have gone to uneducated disadvantaged “teens”; jobs such as convenience store manager, heart surgeon or rocket scientist.

= YT always discriminates by using behavior like “talking white” or “acting white” while attending school (a problem in itself) or working at a regular “job”. This blatant discrimination prevents many deserving “teens” from becoming doctors, NASA engineers or CEOs of big businesses.

= YT always discriminates by passing unfair laws against normal behavior (shoplifting, smash-and-grab, aggravated assault, felonious assault, armed robbery, carjacking, first- and second-degree murder) by labeling these activities “crimes”.

= YT always discriminates by insisting on incarceration of “felons” when the proper response to a so-called “felony” is to set $100 bond, grant community service or at most probation for any “crime”, and to refund the bond with an apology when the “teen” is released from jail later that day.

= YT always discriminates by shooting first when a “teen” points a gun at a cop; the proper cop response is to shield and retreat until the “teen” is out of bullets and then provide an escort back to one of the various baby-mommas’ crib, stopping along the trip for some buckets of KFC and 40-oz. bottles of Olde English 800 malt likka, paid-for by the cop. Shatter-proof bottles are considered undesirable since they do not make good clubs or slashing weapons.

It is well-known that hunger makes “teens” irritable and this must be avoided at all costs. [Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry]

I believe that the above narrative clearly delineates the “good” and “bad” players in this drama. There is no reason to believe that either group will change its behavior in the foreseeable future; outlook for the Republic appears very bleak indeed.

So what is the end game?

Overplaying the Race card diminishes it’s value every time claims of racism are found to be lies.

YTs that formerly retreated in the face of racial discrimination claims don’t even bother to respond; just shrug shoulders and get along with life.

And what of the SJWs?

They and their constituency are frustrated and furious that not only are bogus claims of racism [fake discrimination in restaurants]  ignored [see fakehatecrimes.org]; so are the very few real racial claims as well. “Nobody believes a liar…even when he is telling the truth!” [Aesop]

“Racial justice” is dying of a self-inflicted head wound.

YT doesn’t care anymore and no longer can be blackmailed.


Obama’s Race War

It is becoming increasingly clear that a race war has started between the black community “teens” and everyone else. As the White House and the Justice department criticize and accuse the police of crimes against the black community, the “teens” are emboldened to shoot each other and anyone else as part of a robbery, a turf war, drug dealing disputes or for no reason at all. Disrespectin’ is a capital offence and the “teen” feels justified to immediately shoot anyone for any reason.

The prog leadership in many cities has apparently decided that encouraging “teens” to act out with violence while muzzling and castigating the police is the fastest way to gain wider visibility and higher office, the citizens be damned. Abetted by the usual cast of race pimps the progs are working to transform every police incident into a racial confrontation.

It is interesting that the more the police work to manage incidents and reduce tensions and to downplay emotions and handle all concerned with utmost delicacy, the greater the cry arises in the black community that police aren’t policing and they are taking too long to arrive.

Long response times must mean that police are committing racial discrimination.

Black residents want the criminals and gang-bangers arrested immediately except for “my chile don’t have no gun and dint do nuffin. He loved his mamma and was jus turning his life around”.

Bystanders to a killing won’t work with police to identify the shooters; instead they pick up cartridge casings to hamper the police investigation. We see a mamma saying that she “know who did the shootin” and then refusing to help the police “because that boy has always been good to me and y’all always killin the chirren anyway.”

Instant replay in Ferguson, St. Louis and now Baltimore. Businesses burned and looted. More than 2 dozen pharmacies looted of all drugs. In Baltimore, CVS Drugs had built a new store. It was looted and destroyed and now CVS is being criticized in the black community for not immediately rebuilding.

Grocery stores looted of cigarettes, wine and lottery tickets, then burned. Flash mobs invading restaurants and confronting diners with chants of “Hands up. Don’t shoot”. The diners are guilty of nothing except seeking a quiet meal.

Where does it all go from here? Well, I remember the LA riots of 1992. An orgy of destruction, looting, killing and robbery that left neighborhoods blighted to this day. Convenience stores, gas stations, KFC, Burger King and liquor stores are all that remain; no black-owned barber shops, grocery stores, restaurants, insurance offices, shoe shops, clothing stores; nothing but ashes. Businesses marked “Black-owned” were trashed in the mayhem indiscriminately. The only stores left unscathed were Korean-owned, and that was because the shop owners stood guard on the roofs with rifles.

Here’s a caution for Progs: be careful what you wish for. You demand justice before the facts are known after a police shooting, and then brand the Medical Examiner and the Grand Jury as racist liars for not finding homicide. “Teens” physically impede the police when they respond and then shoot at firetrucks and ambulances when they arrive.

There is a fast-approaching limit for how much danger the police, fire and EMTs will accept before they refuse to go into ‘war-zone’ neighborhoods.

What then? How does turning over the neighborhoods to the thugs bring justice?