Missed Signals

Today, and “unexpectedly “ one of the key players enabling the continued Congressional dominance by the Progs has quit. Despite gaining control of both Houses of Congress, the RINOs continued to bow down before and vote to support Obama every time it counted while ignoring the dissatisfaction of the voters.

John Boehner has resigned, effective at the end of October. As parting shots to show the disdain he feels for Conservatives and for the Republic, he has arranged for several critical-to-Obama issues to gain Prog support to overcome RINO objections even as he is going out the door.

At a news conference today, he has asserted that as Speaker, his first responsibility was to maintain the “integrity” of the House of Representatives(!). How blind are those who will not see.

His responsibility is to the American People and he has failed that time and again.

During the news conference, he was clearly fighting back tears, accompanied by sniffles, coughs and gasping.  He is not going happily.  And that is OK with me.  He has not earned any glory and deserves none.

And he probably needs a drink.  Real bad.

He has only himself to blame for this dishonorable, ”crash-and-burn” departure.

I and many others have sent strongly-worded but respectful emails (here, here and here) and left voicemails warning both he and Senator McConnell that unless they began to support Conservative principles, the Conservatives would see both defeated.

And so the defeat of traitors has begun.

Did the pressure from Boehner’s alcoholism finally become overwhelming? Inappropriate crying is a good indicator of alcoholism out-of-control.

Has Boehner been in Congress so long (25+ years) that the will of the voters no longer mattered? Maybe the perks of office and the dozens of paid sycophants whispering in his ear how wonderful he is and the golf outings with Obama helped him forget his sacred duty to the citizens of this Republic.

Did Obama finally threaten to reveal Boehner as the traitorous scoundrel that he is? The administration has all the tools to undo any Member of Congress, for all have dirty hands as the price of admission to the Old Boys Club.

Why would Obama dump Boehner after all the help he has given Obama? We may never know. Nothing more may be revealed if Boehner just does his part, shuts up and goes back home.

Did the young Turk Conservatives convince Boehner that he was about to lose the Speakership in a nasty floor fight? Possibly. Boehner has shown that he has no stomach for any fighting at all, nor will he defend anything, apparently having nothing precious enough to fight for.

Not Liberty, not Justice, not Honor, not even for his own survival.

A thoroughly useless person who made it to the halls of power by simply outlasting all the others.

God riddance to a craven traitor to the people of this Republic.

Now what?

What if the next Speaker is a RINO “whatever Obama wants” squishy lying political dog just looking for a scratch between the ears and a warm place to lie down?

What if the next Speaker is John Boehner, Part II?  Same type of gutless, dishonorable weasel as has just resigned?

Conservatives, we are not done with this fight. Watch these mealy-mouthed bast*rds like hawks and always remain prepared to sink talons deep into their throats as soon as they are revealed as being unable to learn anything from Boehner’s fall.

Remember, never vote for an incumbent. They have all had numerous opportunities to fulfill their promises and are all to be considered liars until proven otherwise.

Wheels of Justice

Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.” [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

Submitted for your consideration: the Hillary mail server.

• Huma Abedin, top Clinton aide, delivers 6,714 emails, 2,533 pages of documents [Washington Times, 9/13/15]

• Platte River Networks, the company that managed Hillary Clinton’s private email server, says it has no evidence of the server being wiped, meaning tens of thousands of deleted emails could be recovered. [Washington Post 9/13/15]

• The “email czar” hired by the State Department to handle the agency’s response to the Hillary Clinton email scandal has a second hidden conflict of interest: she received some of the same classified emails that were also sent to Hillary Clinton via her private email system [Breitbart Big Government 9/13/15]

• Hillary Clinton’s Long Road to ‘Sorry’ Over Email Use [The New York Times 9/13/15]

• Hillary’s IT Staffer Pleads The Fifth For Fear Of ‘Anti-Clinton Frenzy’ [Daily Caller 9/12/15]

• The Obama administration told a federal court Wednesday that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was within her legal rights to use of her own email account, to take messages with her when she left office and to be the one deciding which of those messages are government records that should be returned. [Washington Times 9/10/15]

• “First, and this is important, emails (by definition) cannot be deleted. Either you receive an email or you send one. Which means complete copies are sitting in the sender’s sent folder and in your inbox, or complete copies are sitting in your sent folder and in the recipient’s inbox. In other words, there is a copy of every email you’ve ever sent or received somewhere that is not in your control, so deleting your copies will (again by definition) only solve half of your problem. ” [Digital Media Group, Landmark Ventures 9/13/15]

The above news headlines and quotes are all dated 9/10/15 or later. None of this is what the Clintons like to call “old news”. Hillary cannot claim that this has all been discussed before “so now we can move on to serve the American people”.

Is the noose tightening?

Considering the above, take a moment to reflect on how Hillary would treat the laws and the citizens of the United States if she were elected President.

It only seems like the Obama dictatorship is destroying the Nation. Hillary is capable of so much more lawlessness, and she says it’s now her turn.


In recent times, I have been having flashbacks. Not the 60s-style, Timothy Leary, crazy-in-the-head LSD flashbacks (Look at all the pretty colors! See the cake melting in the rain! – McArthurs Park, 1967).

But I never did any of those 60s crazy mind-numbing drugs.


I am having 1955 flashbacks from elementary school days. Only 10 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incinerated.

Flashbacks about atomic war.

Flashbacks about “duck and cover”.

Flashbacks about what it would mean to “survive” a nuclear war.

I realized at age 10, that after an atomic war, the fortunate would be dead, not alive.

JFK confronted the Russians over atomic weapons in Cuba and the Russkis backed down. Why? They did not dare to provoke the USA into an unlimited nuclear exchange because that was sure to destroy both countries. The Russkis were belligerent but not insane.

It appears that the Iranians are both belligerent and insane. Islam (as practiced in Tehran) welcomes an atomic war that would bring the end of the world, the reappearance of the Mahdi – the 12th Imam expected to emerge from the well where he has been concealed (hiding?) since the 7th century. [Wikipedia].

Now we appear to have one more chance to prevent (or delay) Iran building an atomic bomb. Searching for something, anything to stand as his legacy, HRH Barack bin Hussain al-Obama II, in consort with Jon F’ing Kerry have decided to demand Congressional approval of a non-restrictive agreement with Iran that:

– does not limit nuclear development
– permits the Iranians to self-inspect nuclear development on 30-days’ notice and
– immediately releases $150 Billion to be used as Iranians see fit with no oversight.

Obama says that the alternative to immediate Congressional capitulation and approval of this “agreement” is immediate war, as threatened by Iran.

What stands in the way of this apocalyptic outcome?

Apparently nothing.

John Boehner, the weakest Speaker of the House in the history of the Republic has stated that he will “get this done” with or without the House Conservatives”.

He is facing a revolt from GOP Representatives that could result in a House recall vote. He is seeking Democratic votes to overcome the GOP votes to “get this done”.

The risk is high that he will succeed, because the Democrats value short-term political advantage much more than survival of the Republic. The Progs apparently do not believe the Iranians when the Iranians promise that the nation of Israel will be destroyed within 25 years. [Daily Mail].

Oh, and by the way, I contend that Netanyahu will never permit Iran to make a first-strike on Israel. He has proposed  first-strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities three times in recent years, and each time the Israeli military rejected his proposal because they would need help from the US to be successful. Help that the US has repeatedly rejected.

Who wants to bet that the Israelis won’t go it alone when their national survival is at stake?

Where do we go from here?

Beats me. We are in a horse-race between the slow-awakening American body politic and Obama’s determined objective to reduce America to a third-world shadow of its former greatness.

Obama is about to have more blood on his hands than all the 20th-century despots put together. Some legacy.

Stay tuned.

Race Pimps Missing

In a strange, ominous and never before seen event, both The Right Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are missing from national TV despite numerous recent events that backers say should have drawn them irresistibly to the TV cameras like moths to a flame.

Supporters say that neither man has been seen in nearly a month; generally they both unavoidably and loudly appear whenever there is a smidgen of potential racial animosity to be stirred-up.

Rev. Sharpton has disappeared since MSNBC decided that his 6-day per week primetime name-calling and agitating show had completely accomplished his goal of shameless self-promotion. It also showed him to be a soulless manipulator of raw emotions of the “disadvantaged teens” that has kept him in the spotlight for all his public “career”. He now has a 30-minute show on Sunday mornings that airs at 3:30 AM after the last Ginsu knife and Miracle Garden Hose infomercials run.

The situation of Rev. Jackson is even more bizarre. He is not marching in the streets, surmounting the barricades, shouting solidarity with Black Lives Matter© looters, thugs, smash-and-grab punks and arsonists or publicly shaking down Chicago businesses. Locals say that it is possible that Rev. Jackson simply has run through all the businesses that are willing to be threatened, but nobody knows.

As an aside, disgraced Democratic Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has been released to a Baltimore halfway house after serving most of a 30-month sentence for misusing $750,000 in campaign funds and competing a 90-day substance abuse program in prison. His wife, former Chicago Councilwoman Sandi Jackson will soon begin serving a 1-year sentence for falsifying tax returns and spending the cash on luxury items that included vacations, furs, Rolex watches and pricey Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson memorabilia. [Huffington Post]

The rotten apple does not fall far from the tree.

Due to his fortunate release in Baltimore, it is expected that Jackson Jr. will be hired by Rainbow/PUSH to immediately resume inciting riot and encouraging followers to increase the attacks on police. The New Black Panther Party is expected to actively support and encourage his return to normal race pimping by providing “security”.

Past public statements by both Jackson and Sharpton attest that neither man actually has any income since all proceeds arising from their race-baiting go directly to their respective umbrella shakedown organizations. Rainbow/PUSH (Jackson) and National Action Network (Sharpton) supply all the $1500 suits, $400 shoes, $200 belts, silk underwear, leather-and-lace garter belts and crotchless panty hose that either man needs for his daily wear. All meals, lodging, transportation, female companionship and cocaine are provided to each man as part of a tax-free exchange of services.

Their organizations however do have income and both are in arrears on State and Federal taxes as well as payments to local merchants, hotels, retailers and service providers. These “debts” seem to be treated as involuntary donations to further the cause of racial divisiveness and dissatisfaction with the blatantly unfair differences in wealth that others have earned. According to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, no DOJ investigation is needed or anticipated.

Milk cartons are no longer in widespread use, having been abandoned by dairies in favor of gallon plastic jugs, so the once-common “Have You Seen Me” photo ads probably will not be an effective method for locating either man.

It is unknown when or if ever either man will be seen again.

Whenever that is, it will be too soon.