Game Changer

An event that is so dramatic in its immediate effect that it creates unforeseen long-term changes, which may not be reversible.

Case in point: Thugs have begun to play “games” in the past couple of years that involve assault and murder, then video the attack and the victim and post the video to YouTube with the thug’s guns, cash and laughing faces clearly visible.

“Polar bear hunting”, “point out, knock out” assaults, stun-gun assaults and trip-and-kick assault have become the preferred bored urban “teen” amusements. It is a charming thug game to wildly shoot into crowds outside night clubs and as long as the thug’s friends are not hit, no harm, no foul.

The game gets serious when an armed citizen shoots an “innocent teen” who was just having fun. Urban mommas get all upset and demand justice, claiming that the behavior wasn’t a crime. It’s just what bored young black men do for fun.  Mommas can’t see the relationship between having no father in the home and a dead “teen”.

It gets worse.

Worse? Thugs’ current drive to murder police officers and to demand “social justice” in place of regular justice. Within my memory, there was serious reluctance by thugs to shoot a police officer. No longer.

Yesterday in Houston at about 10 AM, four black thugs jumped out of a pickup truck and ran into a pawn shop, waving pistols. They began smashing glass display cases and scooping up rings, watches, chains and other expensive goods, loading the loot into bags they brought with them.

Bad news for the thugs.

Houston PD undercover officers were staking out the area because of repeat robberies, and reacted immediately. Thugs saw the police and ran out the back door into two additional officers. Ordered to put down their guns, the thugs pointed their guns at the police, who shot three instantly. One was killed on the spot and two more were taken to a local hospital in critical condition. The getaway driver was arrested about a block away.

The on-site commander stated that his men were “in fear for their lives” when guns were pointed at them and this fear resulted in no second chance for the thugs.

Sweetie and I were having breakfast within 100 yards of the getaway takedown so we got a front-row seat.

Amazing thing – there were probably 30 patrol cars on-scene from HPD, the Department of Public Safety and the Constable patrol with more arriving all the while that we were there. We finished breakfast and made our way through traffic, passed by even more cars arriving with lights and sirens.

Later the momma of the dead thug complained to the TV news reporter that “the cops didn’t have to shoot him – they could have just used a stun gun.”


The increased willingness of thugs to shoot police is a game changer and will have long-term effects. Here are a few I can predict:

• Any thug incident will attract all the police from everywhere, and they will be coming to assure that no officer is injured.

• Thugs will only get only one chance to comply with police orders before the officers use force to get compliance.

• Any hostile actions will be met with deadly force instantly.

• Many more undercovers will be at trouble spots, heavily-armed but not obvious.

• Traffic stops will be two officers, with guns out.

• Chases will result in spike strips and officers armed with rifles rather than pistols.

• Police overtime costs will increase considerably due to the requirement for double coverage.

• Fees for after-hours security and second jobs by officers will increase because of the need for double officer coverage.

Last but not least, many additional thugs will be killed because they didn’t immediately comply with an officer’s commands. No longer will there be long drawn-out attempts to talk a thug into putting his gun down; too risky for the officers. Officers will explain that they fired because they were in fear for their lives, and this will stand as justification as the Grand Jury no-bills the officers.

Thugs and thug mommas will not be happy with this outcome, but once a game-changer has occurred, there is no going back.

Expect many more community organizer marches, candle-light vigils, piles of crappy teddy bears, prayer and memorial candles, helium balloon releases, tee-shirts printed with the thug’s face and other laments for a life wasted.

At least we can all agree on that.


Adj.: involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing.

Totally unexpected headline today – “Paul Ryan handcuffs the next
president to Obama´s budget” [American Thinker 10/29/15]

As I predicted earlier, one of the great risks in the transition from John Boehner to a new speaker was that a similar, squishy establishment Rino would ascend to the Speakership and resume Boehner’s kneepad position before HRH Barack bin Hussein al-Obama.

And so that has happened, to no-one’s surprise. Boehner admitted as much when he declared that if necessary he would use the votes of House democrats to overcome the young Turk House conservatives on Speaker selection.

It is a continuing mystery why. Obama has a little more than a year to go in office, yet the House has locked-in major government spending obstacles. Perhaps to stymie a conservative President should one be elected?

Why would the block their own party, against the expressed wishes of their voter base?  ‘Tis a mystery.

Most Rino House members will be in office long after Obama is gone. Perhaps in the Halloween tradition, they fear that his reach extends beyond the grave to harm them later even though he is out of office.

Is it possible that the Rinos are so afraid of being “blamed” for something that they pre-emptively surrender, so that whatever goes wrong, they cannot be blamed? Are they more afraid of the Least Significant Media© talking bad about them than they are of the millions of conservative voters?

Can it be that there are no Members that have the strength of their convictions? Can they all have forgotten the promises that they made to their constituents when they were running for office?

Do the Progs have so much dirt on them all that they cannot chance disobeying for fear of being revealed and dismissed from office?

It would appear to be so.

Ryan insisted that the House agree to rules that would insulate him from any “leadership” challenges from disgruntled Republicans. He apparently got enough pledges to convince him that he had a free hand to do whatever Obama wanted without fear of being turned out of office.

Heads I win, tails you lose.


As we approach Halloween, perhaps it would be instructive to consider a real-life example of the undead. Nothing is scarier than a horror story that turns out to be real. Suddenly the nightmare is true and you can’t escape by pulling the covers over your head.

Al Sharpton. The very name sends shivers down the spine for the transcendent evil that it invokes. Al Sharpton. Allllll Sharrrpton.

Raises the hair on the back of your neck, doesn’t it?

He of the sensational Tawana Brawley false rape/abduction case (1987). Brawley claimed that several white men had sexually assaulted her and smeared her with feces. Her attorneys claimed the men included members of the police and the County Prosecutor. A Grand Jury found “overwhelming” evidence that Brawley fabricated the claims and no-billed all the defendants. Sharpton and his two attorneys were successfully sued for defamation and $345,000 awarded to the police and the County Attorney. Sharpton refused to pay, and Johnnie Cochran (of the OJ trial) paid off his judgement.  Sharpton says that the Grand Jury no-bill was wrong and that Brawley was telling the truth.

He of the Crown Heights riot (August 1991). In New York City, a car driven by a Jewish man was hit by a red-light runner and the resulting accident killed a black child. Sharpton lead a 400-thug march through the Crown Heights neighborhood. This inflated the accident into a four-day black riot of burning, looting and beating Jews in the street, culminating in the stabbing death of a visiting Australian Jewish student by a black mob chanting “Kill the Jew” and “Jews out”. Twenty years later Sharpton denied any responsibility for the violence although he admitted that “his tone and language sometimes exacerbated tensions”.

He of the Freddy’s Fashion Mart arson murders (1995). Sharpton lead a demonstration against the Jewish owner of the Fashion Mart, calling him a “white interloper”. One demonstrator returned to the store with a gun and flammable liquid, shot several customers and set the store on fire. He then shot himself. Seven employees died of smoke inhalation. Sharpton expressed regret at the “white interloper” comment but denied any responsibility for the violence.

There are many more similar incidents, but perhaps one more will serve to demonstrate that Sharpton is an opportunist, with no basic character, who is prepared (perhaps even eager) to lie.

Documents exist to show that the FBI flipped Sharpton to become an informant after they caught him in a cocaine bust in the late 80s. Sharpton admits wearing a wire but says it was to stop coke coming into the black neighborhoods, and insists that he never recorded black militants for the FBI. Certain militants dispute this.

As Al might caution, “you can never tell who is wearing a wire.”

Consider these amazing facts:
• He is Baptist minister who has never lead a flock of religious believers.
• He was once a Democratic Presidential candidate (2004).
• He has been a radio and television talk-show host with no audience now.
• He is a “trusted White House advisor” on matters black.

All the evidence shows that he is a rapacious and completely unprincipled self-promoter with no conscience.

One final item:

Despite spending a decade accusing police of crimes against the “Black community” he recently decided that he would present a eulogy for slain black NYPD Officer Randolph Holder. This was met immediately by objections from almost everyone associated with the NYPD and with the family. Holder’s fiancé said that her dead fiancé detested the anti-cop preacher and she couldn’t understand how he got invited to speak.

It turns out that Sharpton was invited only to attend the funeral by Holder’s father. Sharpton immediately promoted himself to deliver a eulogy and issued a press release. After this blew up in his face, Sharpton decided that his presence would be “too intrusive” and uninvited himself.

Maybe he could still organize a demonstration in support of the police at the funeral instead of speaking. Or not.

Zombie Al returns from the grave, clad in the rotting remains of a $1500 suit, $200 belt, $100 crotchless silk underwear and $500 shoes, dragging one leg, stumbling and shedding rotting flesh, calling out for TV cameras and airtime.

Hold your breath. Al smells really bad. Even the blacks can’t stand the stink any more.


And now for something completely different…

About 7 pm on Christmas Eve 2005, I received a telephone call; my wife had just been killed in a one-car rollover accident on her way home from her daughter’s house. Could I come, the caller asked? I could and did and thus I came to a fork in the road. And I took it.

This will not be about that event, but in a periodic series of vignettes, I will explore the strange land that lay beyond that fork.

Always the nerd (before that was cool) I was a loner who had many acquaintances but few friends; still the case now. I could be witty and quick but felt ill-equipped to form a new romantic attachment at age 60. I knew that I needed someone in my life. What to do?

Kind people take pity on the widower (unnatural state that it is) and introduce their needy friends. I was grateful. The Temple always has a surplus of widows. For some reason, Jewish men don’t seem to last. They wear out early. I immediately began getting calls suggesting meeting for coffee “so we can talk if I needed to” and touting the consoling effects of real matzo-ball soup and (ugh) chopped liver.

Sweet ladies one and all. And they, too, were lonely. They had outlived their husbands but not their money and needed someone who could be instructed on the finer points of being a Jewish husband. As a lonely goyim, I was the perfect candidate; a blank slate. We could travel, we could take in Broadway shows, we could cruise, we could entertain her children. It would be a heaven of domestic bliss with home-cooked meals, checkered aprons, coordinated napkins and placemats and maybe even carnal delights. Occasionally. Maybe.

But let’s not rush this.

Well, you wouldn’t know this, but Hymie was never very passionate, and anyway “my back hurts since the difficult delivery of little Abe 45 years ago” and life can be such a trial, and my best friend Golda says that she doesn’t see the point of intimate relations after 60, and would you like more Mogen David? Perhaps hamantashen and coffee? You have hardly touched your dinner. Are you not feeling well? I can send the dinner that you didn’t eat home with you so you can have something to eat tomorrow. You just need a good woman to look after you.

After a few weeks, I realized that I was not enjoying the attention. It was less about relationships and more a feeling of being circled by a pack of needy wolves where I was the lone sheep.

I began to have little daymares about being devoured but not swallowed. Sort of a half state of being in the mouth of the beast but never making it to the belly. You know, just unfulfilled.

I had just buried a Jewish American Princess and was unready to learn the rules and bend to the demands of a new JAP. I respectfully and cordially and gently declined repeatedly, and the offers to console me became fewer and eventually stopped.

Thus ended Act I of the catharsis.

Biden Withdraws

Yesterday Joe Biden announced that he had decided not to seek the Presidency, citing family and “other issues”.  Theories abound as to why this decision was made.

On the one hand, he did lose his son Beau and despite having said earlier that Beau encouraged him to run, his heart wasn’t in it. How loving and how noble of Beau and Joe.

As we well know, politicians cannot resist the siren song of higher office and so this explanation is suspect immediately. Add to that Biden’s well-known propensity to exaggerate, and a “promise to Beau” rings hollow.

Biden has “served” the citizens of these United states for over 46 years, having been first elected in 1970 [biography]. He has never had any job other than a Government job.

What would he do if not for a Government job?

Some have suggested, only half in jest, that he may have found the head of a horse in his bed when he awoke yesterday.

A darker explanation is offered; in an earlier post I referred to the mysterious case of Hillary’s law partner Vince Foster, found dead in Fort Marcy Park, apparently a suicide. As reported at the time,

“The official story of Foster’s death is highly problematic. Supposedly upset at three critical Wall Street Journal editorials, Foster drove to Fort Marcy Park in Arlington, VA, and shot himself in the mouth with his revolver. However, when EMTs and Park Police found him, they couldn’t locate his car keys in his pockets. Eyewitness Patrick Knowlton, who had been trained as a private investigator, reported that Foster’s car was not in the parking lot during his time of death. But there had been a mysterious man there, glaring at Knowlton. Other eyewitnesses reported they saw men “in red vests” fleeing the area as Foster’s body was discovered. A search of the National Archives FBI files later showed the FBI deleted details of the men in “red vests.”

Perhaps Biden realized that Hillary would have to confirm that she would not run for President before he could safely campaign. The Clintons play for keeps.

A third alternative has been proposed. What if Biden has been assured by the White House that Hillary will be indicted for the Benghazi treason? Her candidacy ends right there and Biden becomes the obvious choice to shoulder the mantle of President for the good of the Nation even despite the sorrow that the death of his son has caused.

What a heroic gesture.

In gin rummy, this is called a “lay-down hand”; the first hand after the deal that contains the proper cards so that the player can exit the game and catch his opponents with high cards in hand.

If this story is true, Biden can lay back, not campaign, work on his tan, lower his golf handicap, smoke Cuban cigars with Obama, nuzzle the hair of wives of other Administration officials and step into the limelight at the perfect moment.

What’s not to like?

Woe Is I

We have reached a point where the US Presidential election begins to resemble an insane clown circus act. There is so much going on in the center ring that it is impossible to keep track of the characters.

Clowns of all political persuasions are scurrying around, honking big horns, noisily smacking each other with slapsticks and cream pies while insisting that all the others are really clowns, but “not me”.

To wit:

• The Democrat “front-runner” Hillary is enmeshed so deeply in having compromised national security while she was Secretary of State that she is forced to concede “mistakes were made” with private mail servers but says that mistakes don’t really matter because everybody else was doing the same thing. That makes treason OK.

• An avowed Socialist is promising free everything to everybody if only he gets elected. Somehow an additional trillion in spending will assuredly turn out different from the trillions that Obama has spent already because we have had the wrong people spending the money. The head of the DNC cannot explain the difference between a Socialist and a Communist.

• The Prog bench is so depleted that (incredibly) Joe Biden is being advanced as a serious candidate. Biden is holding back announcing because he hasn’t gotten approval from Hillary and Barack, and he won’t risk announcing without their public approval. He remembers what happened to Vince Foster.

• The republican candidates (small r) look like occupants of  a clown car; hard to believe that so many people can get out of such a tiny car. Clearly a trick of some kind, but we cannot tell where all these midgets hide before it is their turn to briefly jump into the spotlight and just as abruptly disappear when the spotlight moves on. What a circus.

• During debate, the moderators (who are Progs) encourage each candidate to squirt water repeatedly on other candidates using a fake lapel flower, while demanding answers to gotcha questions and then talking over the answer so that it cannot be heard.

• Each candidate of either political persuasion has paid for full-time opposition research to reveal that some other candidate should be dismissed from the debates because he/she was late back from recess in the fifth grade.

I am reminded of a great sports quote: “You look up and down the bench and you have to say to yourself, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” [Casey Stengal].

When I first became aware of a national Presidential race, it was the 1952 contest between Adlai Stevenson and Dwight Eisenhower. I was seven years old and was much impressed with the process. It was mostly on TV (first ever). Stevenson had refused to campaign (sounds like Biden) but he was eventually drafted at the Democratic convention.

The cold war was full-on and the “red scare” dominated the newspapers. Eisenhower was a decorated and authentic war hero (just fresh back from serving as the Allied Supreme Commander at D-Day).

Stevenson was a politician and diplomat, noted for his intellectual demeanor, eloquent public speaking, and promotion of liberal causes in the Democratic Party. He was defeated in a landslide in 1952, and again twice more in subsequent presidential campaigns, losing again to Eisenhower and then to Kennedy. He loved freedom and the United States, thus reaching the high-water mark for love of the country by a Democrat.

This nation has declined greatly since that time. Kennedy didn’t live long enough to do more than begin ill-considered political mis-steps [Viet Nam, Bay of Pigs]. Under Johnson, then Carter, then Clinton and finally under Obama, it’s been a long slide from being the most loved and powerful country in the world to the shadow respect that we now have.

The parallel that is most obvious is the decline of once great American cities that occurred under ‘Democratic leadership’ in the heartland:

New Orleans
Population at peak (1960): 627,525 – Decline from peak: 45.2%

Population at peak (1960): 262,332 – Decline from peak: 46.1%

Population at peak (1930): 143,333 – Decline from peak: 46.9%

Niagara Falls
Population at peak (1960): 102,394 – Decline from peak: 51%

Population at peak (1950): 580,132 – Decline from peak: 53.4%

Population at peak (1950): 676,806 – Decline from peak: 54.8%

Population at peak (1960): 178,320 – Decline from peak: 55%

Population at peak (1950): 914,808 – Decline from peak: 56.6%

Population at peak (1950): 1,849,568 – Decline from peak: 61.4%

St. Louis
Population at peak (1950): 856,796 – Decline from peak: 62.7%

This is proof positive that Democratic political leadership is a poison that infects healthy cities and drains them so that they are forced to give up urban leadership and become enclaves of those who choose not to help themselves. Electing politicians on the basis of what is promised to be given to the voters by the politicians underlies this decline.

Result? Two generations of takers.

In the apocryphal words of Pogo Possum, “Woe is I”(with thanks fo Walt Kelley).