Something Wicked This Way Comes

If this doesn’t scare you (like it does scare me) you are not paying attention.

Boston Dynamics has been at work for some years building autonomous mobile machines.  This is the first one I have seen that 1) moves like a man and 2) doesn’t drag a big long cable connected to a supercomputer.

YouTube links after the video show the earlier “pack-mule” models designed to assist infantry soldiers to move heavy loads over rough terrain, but this is a whole other thing.

Several thoughts:

  • This is not likely to be the latest, most capable model.
  • Boston Dynamics is not funding development from their own petty cash.
  • It will not be stacking boxes in a warehouse; that costs too much.
  • It will not be flipping burgers; machines already exist for that.
  • If the guy in the video doesn’t stop messing with Atlas, it may not leave the room.

It may stay and shift into its “pissed-off and wipe the floor with you” mode.

I’m thinking that there may come a time when the only solution to dealing with an Atlas squad at your door would be to invoke Rule AK-47 or Rule .308 Winchester, armor-piercing.

Post title by Ray Bradbury, 1962 sci-fi novel.

One Less Blockhead

Jeb! has dropped out of the presidential race.

Or ¡Heb!, as he is known to his Mexican citizen cross-border political refugee supporters, huddled masses longing to invade the US to breathe free while being provided with state driver licenses, Section 8 housing, US tax refunds on undeclared cash income, EBT cards, free child care and free college scholarships.

¡Jeb! lifts his lamp beside the golden door. What a guy! (with thanks to Emma Lazarus).

¡Jeb! did beat out Bernie Sanders with all these promises. Must have been a shock to Bernie, who thought he could out-promise anybody.

¡Jeb! will not be able to reciprocate the “acts of love” committed by the illegal immigrants when they broke the law to come here. .As Obama pointed out to the Republicans, “You lost.”

¡Jeb! is out not a minute too soon, either.  Maybe just about on-time.

First ¡Jeb! had to lose all the GOP debates.
Which he did.

Then ¡Jeb! had to lose the Iowa caucus.

Which he did.  ¡Jeb! did beat out Rubio in New Hampshire (just barely).

Then ¡Jeb! had to lose the South Carolina primary.
Which he did.

Along the way ¡Jeb! had to burn through $100,000,000 of PAC money (that’s millions to us rubes).

Which he did.

¡Jeb! eventually called in his mother for support and when that had no effect on his poll numbers, he called in his brother W. Not enough either.

Along the way, ¡Jeb! revealed that he is a whiney, pathetic, narcissistic misfit, not unlike Obama.

But Obama still wears the crown of Narcissus; [n. excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.]

¡Jeb!, you even lost that contest.  Narcissism requires exaggerated self love that you apparently do not have. As your Mom says, “You are too nice.”

As the designated 2016 presidential candidate of the UniParty©, the GOPe and the US Chamber of Commerce, hopes were high that ¡Jeb! would roll over the other candidates, and especially destroy “that Blowhard” Trump.

If only.

Mashable  collected the most awkward and absurd moments from the campaign. Read them and snicker.

¡Jeb! had a hard time getting traction in his head on the question whether W’s Iraq invasion was something he would have done. [The Hill]

Shades of John F’in Kerry. ¡Jeb! was for it, then he realized that he had “misunderstood the question” and then finally he was against it, all in the space of a week.

¡Jeb! commented that he wasn’t sure about the usefulness of the $500 million subsidy to Planned Parenthood; that attracted unfriendly fire from both sides.

¡Jeb! opined that “anchor babies” were the offspring of “Asian people” and immediately offended a hitherto non-offended ethnic group.

Commenting on the efficacy of gun control after a mass shooting at Umpqua College in Roseburg Ore, ¡Jeb! observed that “stuff happens”. Even Obama wouldn’t let that one pass by.

¡Jeb! began a “Jeb Can Fix It” tour to relaunch his campaign, to no particular effect. The cool kids on his campaign staff decided to attack the other candidates on the Web.

“… the website continues to direct traffic to a website for a Texan who unsuccessfully ran for city council in Austin. ( continues to redirect to Trump’s website.)”  [The Hill]

No longer; now doesn’t redirect anywhere; much like the erstwhile candidate.

Imagine the morning-after headaches of the GOPe bundlers when they realized not only that ¡Jeb! had flopped out of the race but burned through $100,000,000 along the way.  How did he do that?

According to the NY Post, “There were stays at boutique hotels featuring rooftop pools, private soirees at members-only, jacket-and-tie clubs and fundraisers at the Four Seasons, the St. Regis and the Mandarin Oriental.”

Sudden poverty has gotta be a real bummer, man.  Just ask Kanye West.

“In Iowa, Bush spent a whopping $2,800 per vote. In New Hampshire, the campaign spent $1,150 per vote: a steal compared to Iowa.” [The Bustle]

I called all this in my post “Dynasties End” published in May of 2015.

It is too early to breathe a sigh of relief. The long slog continues and we are by no means out of the woods.


Its’s just that one blockhead is no longer in our path to stumble over.


Al seems to be melting:

Rev. Al Sharpton speaks to the media in Detroit, Thursday March 28, 2013. Opponents of Michigan's new emergency manager law are seeking to block it in federal court, saying the measure is unconstitutional. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Rev. Al Sharpton speaks to the media in Detroit, Thursday March 28, 2013. Opponents of Michigan’s new emergency manager law are seeking to block it in federal court, saying the measure is unconstitutional. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Now, how to convert opposition to the emergency manager law into cash for Al?  Stay tuned.

Moral Bankruptcy

How far we have come.

Within the past thirty years, the Nation has moved from essentially disqualifying a progressive Presidential candidate (Mike Dukakis, in 1988) for a ridiculous standing-on-a-tank campaign photo-op  to today where evidence of criminal conspiracy and commission of Federal crimes is insufficient to kill progressive support for Hillary.

There does not appear to be any criminal act that could disqualify a progressive. I am reminded of Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards who asserted that the only way he could lose an upcoming Congressional election would be if “he was found in bed with a live boy or a dead girl”. At that time, He was just three years out of prison for racketeering. Edwards went on to win the election. [Washington Post]

Even in the past week, there is no end of examples:

The State Department is challenging the FBI over which of the emails on Hillary’s illegal private e-mail server was merely “Secret”, “kind-of-Top Secret” or really “Triple-dog-dare and kiss my fingers to the sky Eyes-Only Secret”.

State is apparently working to relieve Hillary of any culpability for mishandling America’s secret email.

This despite clear classification rules that have never been challenged before.

Email evidence shows that Hillary ordered messages marked Secret to be edited to remove the classification heading before they were forwarded to her on her unsecured email system.

The State Department is asserting that the first two categories are no “Big F**king Deal” (Joe Biden-speak) and should be ignored and the third is inconsequential because the Chinese and Russians already knew everything, so Hillary should be forgiven these minor oversights.

I jest, but only a little.

As one of my liberal readers has demanded, “Is that all you have”?

Well no. There is a lot more.

It has emerged that both Hillary and Obama were minute-by-minute aware all during the 8-hour ordeal as Islamic mobs attacked and killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens and the small group of Seals providing security at the embassy compound in Benghazi. Orders were given to the ready rescue forces in Italy to stand-down and take no action to intervene, despite the fact that the rescue force could have arrived within 90 minutes.  [Wikipedia]

The source of this order has not yet been revealed but it would normally take a direct Presidential order to cause a military rescue force to stand down.

Stay tuned. The source of this order  may yet be revealed.

Susan Rice and other State Department spokes-liars immediately began appearing on the Sunday network news shows to tell the story and place blame for the Benghazi carnage. They stated that a completely unplanned Arab street uprising was caused by Muslim outrage at a previously unknown YouTube video. The White House apparently gave the talking points to Rice.

Eventually, they began blaming Ambassador Stevens for his own death.

This lie was peddled for weeks thereafter until Hillary’s secret server emails were uncovered.

Since then, both the State Department and Hillary have been forced to admit that the video story was a lie from the beginning and that the Benghazi attack was planned in advance and executed by Islamic Jihad forces.  Hillary even emailed Chelsea on the night of the attack with the truth about the attack. [Daily Mail].

It has become apparent that when Hillary says she takes full responsibility for something, she intends that to be the last of it; no further discussion or action is permitted. The story (and the people) then die.

Hillary promised the relatives of the Benghazi dead to imprison the YouTube video producer. The video producer is still in prison.

Ambassador Stevens is still dead.

The Seals are still dead.

Hillary is still the progressive presidential candidate.

Funny old world isn’t it?

More lies?

Hillary has stated repeatedly that she and Bill left the White House “flat broke” and had trouble gathering a down payment for the house in Chappaqua, New York. This despite the fact that speaking fees for Bill and Hillary have amounted to $153,000,000 since 2001, for 729 speeches at an average payment of $210,795 each.

She now refuses to release the transcripts of her speeches; it will be impossible to find out what she promised Goldman-Sachs in return for the six-figure fees she demanded. [The American Spectator]

I will not bore the reader by detailing the many older lies that Hillary has told along the way.

As I was researching for this post, I became so disgusted that I decided to cut it off here. I can’t tolerate further recitation of this traitorous lying hag’s crimes today.

Maybe later, but not today.

A question for the progressives: Have you become so morally debased in your lust for power that any criminal act will be excused so long as you retain power?

Progressives, you’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency? At long last, have you no sense of decency left?