Ghetto Conversation

There is a real race crisis. But not about Black Lives Matter.  Its not about the Confederate battle flag.  Its not about the statues of P.G.T. Beauregard and General Lee on a courthouse lawn.

The crisis? Twenty-something black Ghetto warriors, who lack any coping skills, lack any compassion and lack any way to anticipate the outcome of instant gratification. All plan to become rap superstars, with gold grillz on their teef, drive Cadillac Escalades with 22-inch rimz, swill Cristal champagne and Hennessy cognac, while smoking blunts loaded with weed.

In the words of the President of the United States about cocaine use, “Whenever I could afford it.”

As perpetually disadvantaged youth, each Ghetto warrior must commit armed robbery to “get his money to have clothes to go to school”, since there are no rocket scientist jobs for 9th-grade drop-out armed robbers.

The language skills of inner-city residents have been in decline for many years.  Unintelligible rap songs have devolved to the point that very little of the lyrics that are not profane can be understood by a non-Ghetto dweller.  That would include a potential employer.

Example? A few weeks ago, Sweetie and I were out for a Saturday drive in the country and we parked outside a convenience store where an idling and unoccupied Cadillac was blasting rap at max volume. The song was apparently what passes for a patriotic anthem, as the refrain was “red, white and m*******cking blue”, repeated endlessly with no other lyrics.

The driver emerged from the store, got in the car, put it into Drive and left, blasting the same lyrics over and over. Before he was out of the parking lot, he had restarted the song.

Clearly a black cultural thang, that I wouldn’t (and didn’t) understand. But what kind of problem does this cause?  And is it any of my business to care?

Here’s the problem.

Ghetto culture is hard on the little children, who are forced to become hair-trigger belligerent just to survive, Ghetto parents encourage little kids to assault teachers and other kids in grammar school. Ghetto parents discipline kids with beating, scalding and burning (read the news). Ghetto parents openly abuse drugs in the home and live the hook-up culture rather than marry.  Add in thirty-six percent black abortion rates and there is no family in any sense.

These all make growing up hard for a Ghetto kid. These Ghetto kids are really orphans whose parents have not been killed.  Yet.

My concern? These little kids are the next generation Ghetto warriors.

No civilized solution to a Ghetto disagreement? May be a simple inability to make the elements of the disagreement intelligible to someone else. A “tower-of-Babel” situation ensues; nobody can or wishes to talk calmly. Add in swaggering gangsta posturing and this creates an environment of increased hostility, leading to open warfare. One party assumes that the other party is “disrespectin”. This is followed by threats, counter-threats and escalation to profane denunciation of the other mother’s choice of profession.

Nome sayin?

When all parties have become sufficiently insanely angry, one or more guns are produced, and the conversation continues with shooting.  Unless the parties are up very close (and maybe not even then) none of the original combatants is shot.  Instead, cars, houses and innocent bystanders are hit.

Ghetto warriors don’t know anything about guns except jerking the trigger.

Shooting continues until everybody is out of ammo and/or one or more guns jam and refuse to fire. All the participants then flee, leaving the EMTs in a desperate race to the ER to save the wounded, the Medical Examiner to toe-tag the dead and the police to apprehend the shooters. Sometimes other Ghetto warriors shoot at the ambulance when it arrives.

In their haste the shooters run over pedestrians, cause traffic crashes, attempt to hijack other vehicles and ultimately are forced to flee on foot since their hooptie is no longer drivable after the crash.

Ghetto witnesses actively impede the police investigation, pick up empty shell casings and refuse to snitch even if shooters have killed a relative.

“No-snitch” is far stronger than Ghetto familial love. Unsurprising, since many Ghetto family members are only distantly related through the mother. Kids are most often raised by a grandmother, since the mother has abandoned the kids, is dead or is in prison.

No shooter is still on the scene when the police arrive. Bystanders become the Three Wise Monkeys:  “din see nuthin”, “don know nuthin”  and “din do nuthin”. Loud wailing and prayers to “Father God” and pleas for “Jesus Save him” are interspersed with colorful profanity. Balloons, memorial mounds of cheap Chinese teddy bears and ranks of candles appear, along with Tee shirts printed with the image of the dead innocent.  Reverends shout fervent prayers to stop the violence and then everyone goes back home.

Duty has been done.

Well, a pox on all their houses. This Nation has done everything possible to help the Ghetto people succeed in life and nothing has worked.  Why? The Ghetto people are not trying; it is a “gibs me dat” culture.  Reparations, ya know.

I can’t help the wretched and dysfunctional family situation.  I can’t help the out-of-wedlock births or the rampant abortions. I can’t help the physical abuse of kids or open drug abuse in the home.

I have Negro fatigue and I am tired of trying to help people who are actively choosing a life of worthlessness. Angry Ghetto claims of the unfairness of it all fall on deaf ears.

It is apparent that nothing tried in the long War On Poverty has helped despite billions spent in the fight.

What’s my proposal?

Let’s declare victory and go home. Leave the Ghetto dwellers and their enablers, poverty pimps and politicians to their devices. We have afforded the cost of poverty so far, and we can continue to afford it.

At the current abortion rate and murder rate, the Ghetto dwellers will never grow beyond their current 13% of the population anyway. []

At some point some other ethnicity will completely outgrow blacks in national influence, and everyone will realize that the blacks have squandered their last best chance for responsible, successful citizenship.

Fair enough, I say.  I have looked all around the house for my tiny violin; nowhere to be found.

Not my problem.

Against The Voters

This electoral season, America has seen the emergence of the most naked aggression by politicians against the voters ever.  The Uniparty©  was revealed in past elections when both “parties” quietly agreed to support the same policies despite campaign promises to compete on the issues.

It wasn’t to be.

The RINO party folded first and fastest, since it had not defended any conservative principles for many years.  The capitulation was easy, fast and painless.  The Progressives continued to claim to fight for the common person, for women, children and minorities. But just not unborn babies; they are on their own. Best of luck, kid.

This season, the real underlying goal of both parties has been revealed:

  • Win at any cost, “legally” if possible, but cheat otherwise
  • Preserve the elite status-quo, same players stay in office
  • Suppress any voter effort for change or reform
  • Attack and destroy any “non-blessed” candidate


Active IRS suppression of TEA Party PAC organizing prevented formation of conservative alternatives to RINO or Prog parties during the last presidential election. Fully revealed through public-record testimony of active IRS efforts to prevent TEA Party organization, Lois Lerner, as apparent head of this blatant obstacle to political freedom, was allowed to invoke the Fifth Amendment and then retire on full pension.

No DOJ worries, Lois.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

When veteran Republican Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi was suddenly confronted with a non-machine-approved challenger, RINOs pulled out all the stops to narrowly defeat primary contender Chris McDaniel in a runoff, pouring millions into winning the runoff with a razor-thin  2% plurality.

The senator’s operation quickly pivoted toward running a kind of race that’s rare in Mississippi and unheard of in most other states. Cochran’s campaign suddenly (and mysteriously) gained support from Mississippi Democrats and blacks that had never voted Republican before.

As Cochran spokesman Jordan Russell said, “The campaign’s focus, from the second we woke up on June 4, was to win the blocking and tackling of a runoff in Mississippi. And we knew how to do it. We knew what to do.”

So nothing has changed for Mississippi.  Same political hacks feeding at the public trough.


John Boehner, House Majority leader who had worked 24 years to attain that office, abruptly and unexpectedly resigned after setting up the House calendar to approve all of Obama’s demands.

He was replaced by Paul Ryan. Ryan demanded a pledge that any RINO resistance in the House would be suppressed before he would serve. Ryan then proceeded to approve everything on Obama’s wish list for all of 2016, pleading that he had done the best he could in a tough political situation.

Elections apparently do have consequences after all. But only for the losers.

Progressives are you feeling some schadenfreude about the misfortunes of the conservatives?

Perhaps you are a bit premature celebrating the RINO voter disenfranchisement. Perhaps you are being disenfranchised, too.

After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders [Daily Caller]

Sanders won 60% of the vote, but Hillary won more delegates, due to the progressive “superdelegate” rule.  As it stands now, Clinton holds a commanding lead after a razor-thin victory in Iowa and a shellacking in New Hampshire. Clinton has 394 delegates, both super and electorally assigned, to only 42 for Sanders. That’s a Democrat win, all right.

How does it feel when it’s your ox being gored? Not so good, eh?

Progressives, are you really OK with Hillary selling out the American Ambassador to Libya and then standing aside while he was killed? How about the four SEALs who were also killed trying to protect him? Are you OK with that?

Are you OK with Hillary setting up a private email server hackable by the Russians and Chinese? Are you OK with Hillary sending Top Secret emails on an unsecured server?

Are you OK with Hillary (and Bill) taking $127 million in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and other big banks “while fighting tirelessly for the little people”, all the while pleading poverty?

So why is Trump popular? Is it because he is a seasoned presidential figure not given to wild excess?  Is it because he is a strong conservative? Is it because he has proven his bona fides?

No.  We like him because he has tapped into our frustrations of being misused by the current politicians.

Being lied-to.

Being cheated.

Being misused without recourse.

Trump directly confronts the lying politicians in ways that we cannot. A thumb in the eye of the conventional political elite.  And we like that.

Satisfying? You bet.

But what else does he offer? Bragging. Belittlement of opponents. Raunchy double-entendres about manhood size during a debate, Puffery. Gee-whiz schemes.

Willingness to buy political access from whichever party is in power.

Is Trump’s business experience sufficient for wise governance of the Republic?


So what does all this tell us about US elections? Elections now are much more about behind-the-scenes machinations than about the decisions of the electorate. We have suspected that all along, but it is now becoming clear because the political insiders are no longer concerned that the voters can defeat the force-fed agenda. They believe that the process is too far gone to be undone now.

In 2016, American voters may be forced to choose between Bonnie Parker, Leon Trotsky or Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

So what “leadership” do we have running for office?  Who is qualified to lead the Nation?

And what will we voters do about it?