Science for everyone:

Scientists have discovered a leech, Placobdelloides jaegerskioeldi that lives only in the rectum of hippopotamuses. The rectum is the only place on a hippo where a blood meal can be obtained; the skin and blubber elsewhere are too tough to penetrate.

Further study has shown that these leeches are all Republican Congressmen.

[Wired Magazine, 8.28.15]

Thank you.


This day, the blog has passed 10,000 views; to my vast amazement. When I began writing in November of two years ago, I didn’t know if I would only be muttering to myself in the dark or providing some meager value to my readers.  Apparently the latter, although I cannot be sure.  I have my hopes, though.

In the beginning, I agonized over every word, every phrase trying to make the paragraphs tight but informative; to make them flow. I published, edited and edited some more and then republished. In the end when I was through with a post, I often felt that there was more to say, but couldn’t figure what that more was. I had the nagging feeling that the work was unfinished.  But, as Voltaire observed, the perfect is the enemy of the good; so be it.

In Engineering, there is an axiom that there comes a time in the life of every project when it is necessary to shoot the Engineers and take the product to market.  I have reached that point on most posts, so I must settle for what I have written.

I have consoled myself that while my work may never be very good, it is good enough.  This isn’t the Bible, after all.

This has been very therapeutic, letting me unload the annoyances of venal and lying politicians, uninformed and mal-informed news-makers, narcissistic celebutards, selfish, angry and ungrateful recipients of the public largess, ignorant college students, cynical professors, illiterate and un-teachable journalists and other malcontents. (Hack-Kaff-Hoick-Ptui).

This all without (apparently) being inducted onto the DHS right-wing reactionary watch-list.  I hope.

I thank God for this nation, for the selfless patriots among the citizenry, in the military and on police forces and for His mighty hand on the tiller of the Republic.

I am blessed, humbled and grateful to God and to those of you who have followed my work. Godspeed to you all.

More to come.

The Last G-Man

JEdgar Hoover was the first G-Man.

He was the first national law enforcement officer and his charge was to attack multi-state, multinational crime for which municipal and state law enforcement lacked the tools and manpower.  He was a quick study and soon realized that traditional investigative methods were insufficient.

Crime of the late 19th century was transformed as gangs of bank and train robbers of the old West morphed into 20th century organized crime that paralyzed entire states beginning with street crime through state-house political crime and across national borders for drug smuggling and bootlegging.

Prohibition created a new class of criminals and a widespread new public tolerance for certain crime, especially when new laws began criminalizing popular and formerly-innocent behaviors.  Against this backdrop, Hoover became a popular hero; this fed his ego and soon he presented himself and his organization as incorruptible champions of law and order.

The FBI was and is a voracious collector of information and Hoover’s organizing genius led him to realize that he had much more than law-enforcement power; he had gained incontestable political power. An apocryphal tale is that whenever a powerful political figure met with Hoover, he was kept waiting in a room that held several filing cabinets.  The drawers were all marked with the name of the visitor. This likely had some moderating effect on the attitude of the visitor toward the FBI.  Politicians stayed away from tangling with Hoover.

Hoover served 48 years. After his death, Congress limited the term of the FBI Director to 10 years. Politicians could not take the chance that another Hoover would emerge.

Following Hoover’s death in 1972, FBI directors became a series of faceless bureaucrats, each indistinguishable from the last. This is not to suggest that these men were not honest law enforcement, but that they stayed out of the limelight for the good of their career and pension.

The structure of the FBI was also affected. Even now regional FBI management essentially autonomously selects cases to pursue or ignore and unless an allegation of crime causes the FBI unfavorable  press, the decisions are moot. This leads away from regional political figures being investigated.

How has this affected the current situation? Well, in the past two decades the FBI has studiously stayed away from investigating national liberal political figures while Conservative politicians are fairer game.

Now we have FBI Director James Comey, reputedly an honest agent who earned the top job through hard work and being non-controversial.  Director Comey is the pivot upon which the investigation of Hillary Clinton turns and by extension, the reputation of the FBI.

After all that is known about Hillery’s lies, if Comey delays prosecution of Hillary until after the election or concludes the investigation with no finding of criminal activity it will be clear that the FBI is compromised by politics.

Future FBI Directors will be even more sensitive to the rank and political affiliation of investigative targets.

The FBI will then shuffle off into the grey blankness of bureaucratic law enforcement, with findings more on political influence than on justice and upon assuring that their service ends with a fat pension..

If we are to believe in Hoover’s image of the incorruptible G-Man, we will need to see some proof now.

If Hillary walks, Comey will truly be the last G-Man.

Stay tuned.