In the News

Belgium is currently on security alert level three out of four, indicating a “possible and probable” threat [BBC UK].  In the interest of public safety, Government officials have ordered that only soft cheeses be served in restaurants.  Hard cheeses may be served in homes, after dark and with blackout curtains.  This is expected to prevent so-called “hard cheese” terrorist incidents.

Venezuela’s new decree: Forced farm work for citizens [CNN Money].  [President] Maduro’s actions are very similar to a strategy the communist Cuban government used in the 1960s when it commanded office workers into the sugar cane fields.  This emergency harvest helped make Cuba into the progressive people’s paradise that it is today.

The bloodthirsty jihadist who executed a Catholic priest in France “easily” passed a background check to become an airport baggage handler [New York Post]. Officials insisted that Petitjean had promised not to cause any problems if they would just stop questioning him and violating his rights.  This agreement barely averted a temper tantrum, to the vast relief of French officials involved.

Arrest made in attack on ice cream man [WREG TV, Memphis]. A man is behind bars this morning facing charges connected to Tuesday’s brutal attack on an ice cream man. Dontevious Stewart, 19,  was enraged that the truck only played the tune “Mary Had A Little Lamb” even after he demanded Snoop Dogg’s “Pimp Yo Ho”.  Also, the ice cream man had only $500 which Stewart said wasn’t worth his time when split with the other five robbers.

Obama to Name Navy Ship After Child Molester [Front Page Magazine]. Navy officials insist that a more inclusive working relationship will exist aboard the new ship and that will improve crew morale. Active recruitment efforts will create a “very diverse” crew and assure that white privilege will not be an issue.  Safe spaces will be created for every gender and some religions.  The USNS Harvey Milk will not be armed.

An Epidemic of Blindness

News flash:

First world citizens and police are being attacked, injured and killed daily by murderers, both domestic and international.  Everywhere.  In public.  In night clubs. On the streets. In homes. In schools.  In churches.

Weapons used in the attacks? Bombs. Firearms.  Machetes. Knives.  Box cutters. Pressure cookers. 18-ton trucks.

All these attacks are up-close and personal.  These savages revel in the horror in the victim’s eyes as death comes slowly.

What countries?  USA. France. Britain. Scandinavia.

But not Russia. Russian response to these murders is swift, ruthless and thorough; generally a crater with white-hot shrapnel at the bottom surrounded by dismembered burning Jihadi limbs, still twitching.

And not Africa (although the argument could be made that against the constant background noise of tribal warfare, a few more murders would hardly be noticed).  The Africans do not seem to have this first-world blindness either; they know who is responsible and what to do about it; African tire necklacing always prevents recidivism.

Cities involved? Paris. London. Brussels. Stockholm. New York.  Chicago. Dallas. Baton Rouge.  Atlanta.  Memphis. Detroit.

Coming soon to a city near you.

And in a tiny Catholic church in the village of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy. During Mass, a 97-year-old priest had his throat slit as a video of the murder was made by the savage Jihadists. They then were killed in a hail of bullets. One could not be identified because his face was too bullet-riddled.  Sad news; how will his virgins identify him when he has no face?

Well, now. What are the constant factors?

  1. Purportedly, these attacks are committed by disaffected “teens” that have no parental discipline; Progressives agree that the act was bad but excuse the murder by claiming the teens have been disadvantaged and bullied and thus are in reality innocent.
  2. “Nobody” among the political elite of any western nation can figure out why “teens” are committing these crimes.

And “leaders” say that until we can figure out why these murders are being committed, there is nothing anyone can do.  The French even suggest that there is nothing we can do at all; just accept terrorist murders as the new norm and go on with life as if nothing has happened.

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys never change.  The argument has been advanced that the courageous Frenchmen were all killed in the First World War and those that remain today descended from the conscientious objectors who stayed in Paris to play with somebody’s baby’s mamma. Good an answer as any.

Hillary, Obama, Kerry, Angela Merkel and Françoise Hollande deny any relationship between these murders and the unlimited illegal immigration of unknown angry young men (all-male refugees? Why no women or children refugees?)

I have never seen such widespread willful blindness. Large cities. Small towns. Rural areas. Liberal and conservative. Doesn’t matter. You would think that the water is contaminated by some blindness parasite. Or maybe it is the effect of high-fat diet or a Pokemon Go addiction.

Maybe it is simple cowardice among the “leadership”? Any possibility that the leadership plans to attain further political objectives through chaos?  Ya think?

Is it possible that the West has become so politically correct that we are  convinced that we are culpable for every past, present or future crime allegedly committed against anyone, anywhere? Including our own murder?  Do we accept all the guilt and pay reparations to anyone who demands it?

I wonder how Ambassador Stevens feels about the Hillary gang blaming him for his own murder?

Here are some insights from news reports and videos, clues which “leaders” seemingly cannot decipher:

The US “teens” are disaffected lay-about semen-donor twenty-something ghetto black yoots who have realized that they have the vocal support of the progressive politicians and judges and thus have the police on the run. They are free to riot, loot, assault, and fire guns wildly outside night clubs and will get off scot free unless shot in the act by a cop (black or white cop; doesn’t matter).

Then, the cop’s life and career are ruined and the dead “teen” is immediately canonized by guilt-ridden progressive whites and exploited by the selfsame politicians for a payoff from the city government to the yoot’s family.

See St. Trayvon Martin of Skittles and St. Michael Brown of Swisher Sweets for examples of thug martyrdom into sainthood through lead injection.

Mothers, once located, explain that “he was a good boy who got into a little trouble, but was on his way to becoming a world-class rapper (and dope dealer) so he would have his money for school clothes”.

The international “teens” are radicalized Muslims chasing blood-lusting adolescent sex fantasies, who are copy-catting the horror crimes committed in the Middle East by ISIS barbarians.  After the crime they generally do not escape, but become martyrs to qualify for the 72 obligatory virgins promised by the Qur’an.

Being young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, they do not realize how much trouble a relationship with a virgin is, much less 72. Unless of course he strictly follows Sharia law and beats them regularly with a rod no larger than your thumb (and not on the face, please).  Full-time job, that.

What to do?  Here is a proposal:

Upon felony conviction, ghetto “teens” go to prison on the first adult offense; no bond, no house arrest, no parole; serve the full sentence with no good-time. Their families get evicted from public housing, lose all public assistance money immediately and undergo mandatory drug testing before being reconsidered for assistance or housing.  The family can live in their 1998 Cadillac with 22-inch rimz and dark tinted windows, while entertaining the neighborhood blasting profane rap until they can show they are drug-free.

This will only be necessary once in each ghetto neighborhood.

Muslim “teens” are tattooed with an ID number, deported immediately and never permitted to return to the country (America) that they hate so much.  Those who sneak back into America are imprisoned in a Supermax facility immediately and for an indefinite term, reviewed every other year. Murderers are imprisoned without bond and fast-tracked for execution if a police officer has been killed. Period.

Will this immediately solve the problem? No. But it is a good first step to send a message that patriotic American citizens are serious about striking back at these criminals.

It is time long past to get serious about swift justice.


A thief stuck a pistol in a man’s ribs and said, “Give me your money.” The gentleman, shocked by the sudden attack, said “You cannot do this, I’m a Democratic congressman!”

The thief said, “In that case, give me my money!”

Seems fair.