Just a Naive Simple Girl

If a simple Affirmative-Action farm girl doesn’t follow orders from her white betters, how is she ever going to get in line for the big-time government swag?  She had to do it; no choice.

subvert-lynchGo along and get along.

Pro tip: keep wearing black so that when they throw you under the bus, the grease stains won’t be so obvious.


All Liars, All the Time

Rolled the dice and lost (credibility, that is). Flacking for the criminal Hillary has been unquestionably exposed.

14595645_1305646716121432_2887387022632313478_nThese people are either paid to lie or have chosen to lie.  Either way, doesn’t matter.  They are liars and can never be trusted.

Choose your news sources on the Internet and never listen  to these slugs again.  A waste of your time.

FBI Paralysis

When everything you do only makes it worse…

paralyzed-1An object lesson for weasels.

If only you could gnaw your leg off to escape the trap Hillary’s arrogance set for you.  But you can’t move. Bleeding to death would be less painful than living dishonored.

Suffer on and on.

Comey’s Last Chance

Threatened public release of what FBI agents learned about despicable Hillary’s corruption made enough noise that these weasels were forced  to tell even more lies (new evidence?  really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). They are desperately trying to evade justice for the obvious lies they have already told.

Will it work?  Stay tuned.

In the  meantime,

weasels-titledThese thugs will have to re-learn what the paranoid criminal Richard Nixon learned from Watergate:  the coverup is MUCH worse than the crime.

Regardless whether Trump wins, here are some outcomes you can bank on:

  • Obama’s legacy is ruined.  Conservatives will beat him like a rented mule for his lies, forever. He will never get off the hook. He is already a failed Affirmative Action hire.
  • Hillary’s lies and cheating are now publicly confirmed. Congressional Republicans will dog her every time she tries to do anything in government.
  • Comey’s reputation is ruined.  He may work in a Hillary government, but nobody will ever forget his sell-out.  Crossing the honest FBI agents may well have separate and subtle consequences.
  • Lynch’s reputation is ruined.  The shadow of Bill Clinton co-opting her on her plane will follow her all her life.  Hillary may hire her to serve coffee at the Clinton Crime Foundation so she can have some income. Once you have sold  your honor, you are just one of the girls and your price schedule is well-known.  As you get older, your selling price goes down, too.

Stay tuned.  Doubtless more to come as WikiLeaks rolls out more email.  Savor the schadenfreude.

Ugly Faces

If you are sick to death of seeing this face in the news:

cvnzr8gvuaafzy5just think how sick you will be after seeing this one for the next four years






timkainedemocraticsenatecandidatetimxnpvfaaie1elafter Hillary “goes on medical leave” a few months after Inauguration Day…

Remember, this election is for all the marbles.

2 Weeks To Go

This election is not just for the money… it’s for all the marbles.

Total control.

hillary-debate-10-20-16woodstermancrimeSo what happens to our right of self-defense under the Second Amendment with a new Supreme Court majority?

Prepare accordingly.

amazing-inspirational-quote-by-voltaireThe “free press” chooses not to report any criticism of Hillary.  What does that tell you about which team they are on?

cool-sponsor-drivers-congress-jacketsWe don’t know who bought them, but we know that they are bought.

cufgxgsuiaaffifIt’s nice to be Queen.

black-voteShameless pandering.

14359235_1057080847746533_5228909856701030844_n-bluesShameless cheating.

2016-10-22Shameless “inevitability”.

14355043_632163460279861_5787091267771860141_nShameless murder.

hillary-for-prisonAnd a final thought for Hillary and Emir Barack bin Hussain al-Obama III