Dear Congress

You suck.

All of you.  You all have sucked for nearly 20 years.  You knew it, we knew it and you knew we knew it and somehow you kept getting re-elected.  How? We kept swallowing the lies that you told so well.  Hoping that the next time would be different.  Next time.

Credit where it is due.  The DemoCrap wing of the UniParty© was much more “honest”.  Totally clear on transforming America, totally clear on open borders and massive immigration and fraudulent voting multiple times, totally clear on destroying the best healthcare system in the world, totally clear on creating special classes of citizens who could live a completely taxpayer-subsidized lifestyle with no responsibility, free to riot anytime over “grievances” with no risk of punishment for homicide, arson or any property crime.  Totally free.  Totally paid-for with tax money.

No job.  No responsibility. No sweat.

That “honesty” was accompanied by your elevating the demands of your layabout constituents into unassailable human rights.  After all, nobody can debate human rights.

The RINOs are a different story.  Theoretically the polar opposite of the DemoCraps, you are just the other wing of the UniParty©.  You started telling little white lies about being conservative and when that worked so well, you told bigger lies, reaching a zenith insisting that you would overturn Obamacare if only we gave you the House and Senate.

How did you screw up?

Well, when you had finally the power, you put in a new Speaker of the House to wash away the sins of the old one, then whined that odious Obama had outmaneuvered you. Nothing could be done about the promises you made. You then approved everything Obama demanded.

So what are you RINOs good for?


The DemoCraps are on the outside now and are proven-untrustworthy to  even be near the levers of power. So are you.  RINOs have no credibility, no honor.  No reason to run for office again.  Go home and stay home.

I doubt that you can change, perfumed princes that you are.  Maybe you can live on a Congressional pension. But I suspect that without bribes, speaking fees, Honoraria, lobbying gigs, slush funds, Government credit cards, conversion of campaign funds to personal use and foreign government agency secret payments, you will have a hard time making ends meet.

Poor babies.

You scoundrels.  You weasels.

P.S.; you smell bad too.

What to do?  What to do?  Resign now.

Or until your election defeat, honor the commitment to Americans that you made when you first ran for office.  Publicly demonstrate that you are worthy of representing us by your actions.  Stop sopping up the under-the-table money from the Chamber of Commerce, the Zuckerbergs and the Globalists. Stop answering the phone when Soros calls.  Dedicate your blackened, shriveled soul to Making America Great Again™.

Repent ye sinners.

Never forget that you have publicly compromised your word.  We won’t forget. Don’t even bother with promises and soaring speeches.  Just do your job.

And remember:  until proven otherwise, you still suck.



61ad45722505f2d5f137dd63cf3fe45b232284b0dc18d70b5163bdd8ded60033Where do we start; where, indeed?

Pick the low-hanging fruit first.

Nullify all Executive Orders enacted through Obama’s phone and pen.

Immediately and unequivocally declare complete and public support for Israel.  Punish any US congressman that complains.

Establish a fiscal-conservative (NOT RINO) task force to propose how to unwind Obamacare without further destroying US healthcare.   Do not let Congress pick the task force members.  Charge Congress with enacting legislation to accomplish the recommendations.  Punish legislators who cannot or will not participate, regardless of party affiliation.  Everybody’s name needs to be on this, unlike when it was fraudulently enacted.

BUILD the wall!  Whether or not Mexico pays.  The legal authorization has been in place since Bush the Younger was in office.

Claw back the cash ransoms Obama paid Iran for US hostages (remember pictures of the PALLETS of US currency)?  We have enough access to Iranian assets to put this in place quickly.

Nullify the Iran nuclear agreement.  It was based on Obama’s lies and can only endanger America.

Let the UN bitch.  Then just smile enigmatically.  Suggest that US foreign aid is not a for-sure given thing.  Suggest that foreign “leaders” think about defending themselves.  Point out that if they want to get ugly about the money, we might just miss a few checks so they can consider our relationship in the cold daylight.

Suspend and renegotiate NAFTA.  It has been unfair to America from day one and has to be fixed soonest.

Require a valid US photo ID before anyone is permitted to cast a ballot.

Require non-citizens to self-report status and penalize those who fail to report by tax time each year.

Pull the DOJ off the backs of the police so law enforcement can return peace to the streets.

Prosecute Black Lives Matter rioters and looters for the terrorists that they are.  When convicted, put them in jail; no pleading down from felonious assault or arson to a misdemeanor, no probation, no “time served”.  When released, cut off the EBT card and require them to work for a year to see how it feels to be a taxpayer instead of a layabout taker semen donor or an irresponsible baby factory using abortion instead of contraception.  You know who you are.

Free the FBI to do their legal duty to impartially and fairly investigate the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

Investigate, fire and prosecute all the Clinton drones responsible for compromising America’s top secrets.  Award long SuperMAX prison sentences in a cell where if they stand precariously on the edge of the top bunk, they can just see out over the window-sill onto the snow in the exercise yard.

Investigate, prosecute and punish all those involved in the Fast and Furious gun-running conspiracy, with special attention to those who facilitated the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Promote honest and uncorrupted FBI agents and DOJ lawyers to agency leadership so as to restore justice and impartiality to these vital law enforcement agencies. President Trump, let them know that you have their back.

Strongly pursue Federal prosecution for “leadership” of the IRS, DOJ, Bureau of Land Management and other over-reaching out-of-control Federal agencies.

De-fang and clean out EPA, the useless Departments of Energy and  Education.

Command a stand-down then disband all the illegitimate federal standing armies like Homeland Security, the US Post Office, the Department of Agriculture (!) and return them to limited missions tightly tied to their real responsibilities.

Well, yes, that and more.

Audit the Federal Reserve and make it’s process more transparent while reducing the influence of the banksters.  Let banks fail when it has come time for them to pay for their greed.  Assure that those involved in raiding the banks surrender their personal fortunes in partial compensation.

Appoint young strong Constitutionalist conservative Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges.

Restore patriotic, seasoned and capable military leadership by inviting those who Obama forced out to resume their service and serve until the coming generation of leaders is ready; cashier all the Obama suck-up political generals.

I savor the wailing, the gnashing of teeth, the rending of garments by the so-smug and now discomfited Gruberites.  The lamentations of the snowflake Social-Justice Warriors being driven before the gathered storm of well-deserved stinging nettles of rebuke are savage music to my ears.  Scream on.

I am old now.

God help me, but I was afraid that I would not live to see the day that justice was served to the domestic and foreign enemies of America.

It may be too soon to rejoice, but my heart is greatly gladdened.

Note to the progressive atheists: Tempting God will eventually get you smote.