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Leftists always need professional help with their fantasy world view because they think they are normal and thus do not need help.  So it is with hamburger.

Trump handles Putin.

Wisdom of geezers…

I have sent my senators a terse email stating that if repeal doesn’t get done this year I promise that I will vote to primary them in every future election until either I or they are gone.

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Lost and Found

As is often the case with geezers, I was digging around the kitchen for something that I had just lost (in the kitchen, just a few moments ago).  In the junk drawer (everyone has one) I found my sense of humor. Don’t know how it got there or how long it will be before I lose it again, but I decided to publish a post while I was thinking about it.


The pope has given a religious ruling that sacramental wafers must contain gluten.  Presumably those with Celiac disease are condemned to an eternity in Hell’s toilet.

So all is well in the world now, except that the Vatican Swiss Guard had to break up an in-progress priestly homosexual orgy in the Vatican apartment owned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, just a few steps away from St. Paul’s Basilica.

But good news, everybody!

Turns out that there is no Vatican rule against priests engaging in homosexual orgies and since “no children were involved”, the homosexual prostitutes involved were paid their usual fees, tips and cab fare. All remaining drugs and alcohol were packaged “to go” and everybody was released without penalty.

What a relief this must be to the faithful.

The very hot miscreant priest was sent into rehab at a monastery to “turn his life around”.

This is familiar to US readers since many rap “music” artists are in constant process of turning their lives around as they are heartlessly and unfairly shot by police during gunfights with law officers.

In other news,

Republican “leadership”

My WalMart













Catnip…  now. Or the dog gets it.

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