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RINO Congressional confession time: Last night on Tucker Carlson, Senator John Cornyn allowed as how despite the ‘Pubs controlling the Senate, House and Presidency, nothing could be done to eliminate Obamacare, because the minority Democraps were being obstructionists!  The horror!

In one of my earliest posts on this blog, I lamented that the Pubs would fade as soon as Obama showed any resistance, and so they did.  Still fading too, even though many of the players have changed.

It is time to primary the Pubs and try with some new faces.  It won’t be any worse than the current bunch of lying non-entities.

I’m back (again) and we’ll see how this goes…

Thought for today (and the rest of a life).

It has been said that with age comes wisdom.  In my case, it appears that age came by itself.

Now for a Trumpian thought-experiment:

And like political parties, dead squirrels don’t learn from the experience of others.

Solution? Maybe if she and her friends smash store windows and burn police cars her school loans will be forgiven.  She will still be unemployable, though.

I’m pretty much there.


In other news, Rachael Dolezal (erstwhile lily-white president of a local NAACP chapter) allows that she is nearly out on the street.  No job after applying for 100 (!) different jobs. She has declined to work in reality TV or porn (OO-UUUUGH), the only offers that she has received.

Excuse me.  I just threw up in my mouth at the mental image.  Maybe no potential employer needed a psycho liar and trouble maker.  Wise decision, say I.

Dolezal is now completely gone; she has changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo so as to more strongly confirm her African bona fides.  You talk about your white girl crazy.  Here it is.

I think that it is amusing how easily that she fooled the brothas, sistuhs  and the college faculty with the blackface act.  No fool like a liberal fool, I always say.

Now for the question of dignified behavior:

And a parting thought…

That is all…


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